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Advanced Country Analysis & Forecasting

Support your business plans with unparalleled risk analysis and the economic forecast for over 200 countries.

Advanced Country Analysis and Forecast (AdCAF) provides daily analysis of world events, detailed country reports, proprietary country and sovereign risk scores, and comprehensive economic forecasts and historical data to help your business assess its investments and future growth.

Powered by more than 110 economists and country risk analysts, this market-leading service allows strategic planners, analysts, economists and business developers to:

  • Assess growth markets through a detailed set of consistent economic forecasts and analysis of key drivers across 200+ countries
  • Quickly assess bottom-line impacts of changing world events
  • Monitor investment opportunities and risks with forward-looking risk scoring and evaluation of 22 key FDI risk categories
  • Evaluate policy impacts to the business landscape
  • Locate hard-to-find data on emerging markets
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What's Included

Data & Forecast Coverage

Use our flexible data retrieval and reporting tools to prepare reports and compare large sets of economic data across countries.

  • Up to 500 economic indicators per economy for 200+ countries
  • Coverage of national accounts, external accounts, prices, exchange rates, demographics, and financial and monetary indicators
  • 30-year forecasts and historical data back to 1970
  • Monthly forecast updates for 120+ countries
  • Quarterly forecast updates for 200+ countries
  • Monthly and quarterly frequency forecast for the world's largest economies
  • Coverage at the global level and eight regions: North America, Western Europe, Central Europe & Balkans, CIS, Middle East NA, Africa, Asia, Latin America, Caribbean

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Country Risk Scores & Sovereign Scores

Country Risk Scores

Compare international business environments across countries and make foreign direct investment recommendations.

  • Coverage of the full range of macro-level issues that determine FDI decision-making
  • Forward-looking country risk scores across six major risk areas—political, economic, legal, tax, operational, security and 22 sub-aggregates for key risk category components, such as government instability and policy instability
  • Scores mirror the country report structure and are accessible via interactive tables and maps

Sovereign Scores

Easily find independent sovereign risk scores by downloading medium-term sovereign credit risk scores.

  • Medium-term assessments of the solvency and liquidity for 200+ countries, as well as key economic and political factors
  • Comparisons with the major rating agencies based on coverage breadth and scoring system transparency

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Daily Analysis

Daily headline analysis highlights all business environment and economic performance-related developments worldwide.

  • Topics range from elections to economic data releases, regulatory changes, and security threats
  • Tightly structured "significance" sections highlight outlook and risk implications
  • Searchable archive back to 1998

Intelligence events identify risks impacting the investment climate in a country.

  • Track new information with 2,500 new intelligence events published each week
  • Evaluate trends over time by leveraging the database of over 1,000,000 events
  • Special Reports explore key themes, trends, and topics on a country, regional or global basis
  • Email alerts customized to your interests

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Country Reports

Find uniform analysis of 200+ countries across six risk categories – political, economic, legal,taxation, operational and security

  • Constantly updated content, in line with daily analysis and forecast releases
  • Concise summaries of the latest situation and outlook, outlining strengths and weaknesses of the business environment and any changes since our last forecast
  • Tightly structured sub-sections covering all factors relevant to foreign investors
  • Alternative political scenarios for select countries and detailed coverage of regulatory reform prospects
  • Complete country profiles containing background information
  • Live data tables integrated with text for immediate access to key indicators

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Maximize your subscription content with Connect™ – our online customer platform.

  • Real-time Reporting: Read updated analysis and commentary as events warrant
  • Rapid Data Retrieval: Access analysis and data in a single search or via interactive maps
  • Presentation Tools: Build customizable, presentation-ready graphs
  • Flexible Export: Export content in multiple formats (Excel, PDF, PowerPoint)
  • Automated Content Refreshes: Save searches and update content automatically
  • Scenario Analysis: Develop your own scenarios with user-friendly tools

* State and regional coverage available in US Regional Service

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Member Privileges
  • Analyst Access: Access to 150 full-time economists and 60 dedicated country risk analysts
  • Webcasts: Regular updates and Q&A sessions on the global economy and emerging country risks, delivered by leading experts
  • Global Conferences: Expert interaction and peer networking opportunities

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