Complete accurate and timely competitor analysis

Preserve and advance your competitive position – in a market that is always in flux.

With the global chemical markets experiencing an exceptional level of uncertainty, understanding the factors that drive profitability and the ability to model them are critical to success. You need objective and timely information to perform “what if” analysis when mastering your chemical and end-use markets. Knowing the strengths of your competitors and unearthing investment options that will help you outperform your rivals are crucial to succeeding in the market.

What IHS Markit can do for you:

  • Benchmark your market position relative to competitors with comparative cost, margin, capacity, product integration and new investment information
  • Minimize data collection efforts with decision-ready data integrated with advanced analytical tools for competitive analysis
  • Leverage dynamic market perspectives to prepare a preemptive response to real-time news that could impact your profitability – including trades, mergers and acquisitions, operational updates, price shifts and industry announcements
  • Model your competitive position with impartial data and insight

Products & Solutions

  • World Analysis (WA)

    Long-term capacity, supply/demand, price forecasts and trade data

    Customers gain online access to historical and 10-year forecasts of chemical production capacity data, supply/demand balances, country-by-country trade grids, and 10-year price, cost and margin forecasts. Certain studies also provide production economics, production process and technology overviews as well as derivative capacity data and analysis, and summaries of the strategic issues, sensitivities to the forecasts and emerging trends impacting global and regional markets.

  • Chemical Economics Handbook (CEH)

    Product-specific analysis of global markets, producers, demand and applications

    Customers receive individual reports containing a summary of commercial manufacturing processes, 5-year market outlooks, as well as supply/demand, trade and price data (available for over 300 chemicals).

  • Competitive Cost & Margin Analytics (CCMA)

    Cost and margin curves with production costs by plant and feedstock

    Customers receive a cost curve model of pro-forma plant costs and margin positions of individual chemical plants, both regionally and globally. Now includes additional scenarios for feedstock prices.

  • Chemical Week

    Latest news and analysis of chemical industry, corporate, and economic developments

    With a tradition of over 100 years, IHS Chemical Week is the world’s leading news source for chemical industry executives and professionals around the globe.

  • Competitive Company Analysis (CCA)

    In-depth assessment of major global chemical producers, their key business positions and their competitive outlook.

    Customers receive 24 major chemical producer profiles that cover company’s current business position, strategic direction, manufacturing locations and material flows, as well as two supplementary comparative tools: Key Performance Indicator Dashboard, and Global Competitiveness Report.

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