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IHS Markit Rushmore Abandonment Performance Review (APR)

Plan and budget well abandonments.

Why do operators participate in the APR?

Since 2008, operators have been sharing data from their permanent well abandonements through the APR. They use this data to help better plan and budget their well operations as well as drive and measure performance improvement.

Join the APR today to:

  • Obtain well abandonment data from 17 operators in 5 countries
  • Identify available land and offshore abandonments
  • Get industry data and competitor intelligence
  • Obtain highly useful technical, time and cost data
  • Decide which data to share, the rules for sharing, yearly changes needed and how additional value can be gained

Why join the APR now?

The decommissioning of oil and gas installations across the world, and more specifically in mature basins such as the North Sea, is expected to cost several billion dollars over the coming years. The North Sea's aging infrastructure, with over 470 platforms, more than 5,000 wells and 10,000km of pipelines, requires effective abandonment planning to ensure manageable costs and regulatory compliance.

By joining the APR now, operators can gain crucial insight into decommissioning best practices and save significant time and money.

Join the APR to find answers to critical well abandoment questions

In 2007, a group of operators asked Rushmore to establish a Review to share permanent well abandonment data, with a view to answering the following questions:

  • How do my abandonments compare with others in terms of cost and time?
  • Am I "overengineering" my designs?
  • Are others using more effective techniques? What failures are other operators experiencing?
  • Which auditable data can I use to calculate future abandonment liabilities?
  • What savings are typically achieved in abandonment campaigns?
  • Which technology trials are appropriate?
  • What lessons have other operators learned?
  • What effects are regulatory differences between countries having on technology and therefore cost and time outputs?

Getting started

How to participate?
  • An operator contracts to participate in at least one country for at least one year.
  • The operator provides data on all abandoned wells in each country in which it is participating.
  • The data is independently quality checked and published on our website.
  • If an operator provides all of its wells, the operator receives access to data in all countries, even if it has not abandoned a well there.
  • An operator may also participate retrospectively.
  • Special rules apply to pre-2008 data.
  • Never performed an abandonment ? You can still join the APR. A Participant that has never performed an Abandonment may purchase access to Published Data for the Current Year and all previous years. A Participant who purchases access to Published Data on this basis and expects to perform an Abandonment within three years of the purchase must contract to participate for each year up until and including the year of their first expected Abandonment and commit to submit the required Data for that year.
Data coverage
  • Approximately 100 total data fields including:
  • Well information: name, location, technical descriptions
  • Description of well prior to abandonment
  • Description of workscope
  • Total, NPT and WoW times
  • Total and phase costs
  • Complexity
  • Operators also share detailed 'before' and 'after' well schematic diagrams for each abandonment
Data entry
  • Excel workbook input
  • Workbook emailed to IHS Rushmore for QC
  • IHS Rushmore automated and manual QC checks
  • Queries on data between participant and IHS Rushmore
  • Data published
  • Data extraction service - IHS Rushmore can provide a data extraction service for participants. This removes the burden of data reporting for the operators, allowing them to focus on the end product - the APR Database. For more information on data extraction, please contact our sales team.
Access to benchmarking tools
  • APR key performance indicator metrics
  • APR charts - Ability to chart operational performance, times by phase and totals, costs per phase and totals, operator time/NPT/costs

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