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North America Regional Integrated Service

Energy forecasts, strategic analysis, and insights

This service delivers an integrated view of power, gas, and renewables in North America. Find US and Canadian energy market fundamentals and growth forecasts, capital costs, competitive benchmarking, long-term strategic analysis, and topical insights into the North American power grid, natural gas fundamentals, power generation infrastructure, regulation, technology and much more.

Key benefits:

  • Support your strategic planning and investment processes
  • Anticipate shifts in policy, regulation, technology and markets
  • Gain a long-term views of regional energy markets
Fast Transition: A pathway to net zero carbon emissions in North America Read our executive summary updated for 2021
Climate & Sustainability Hub Access selected energy research, analysis, and insights in one integrated platform
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What’s Included

North American Power & Renewables
  • Comprehensive power outlook to 2050 for 27 regions, with primers on 21 power markets, a comprehensive summary report and detailed documentation of methodologies and assumptions. The power outlook includes:
    • Underlying economic indicators
    • Electricity demand including building and transportation electrification
    • Generating capacity retirements and additions
    • Renewable penetration levels
    • Average capacity factor of generation supply across fuels/technologies
    • Fossil fuel prices at relevant delivery points
    • Emission allowance prices
    • Wholesale power prices (including on- and off-peak average and hourly)
    • Spark and dark spreads
    • Implied heat rates
    • Capacity values
  • Sensitivity cases that explore key uncertainties, including implications of alternative natural gas prices and carbon dioxide (CO2) emission price views as well as a net zero emissions pathway case
  • State-level build projections through 2050 for battery energy storage systems, onshore and offshore wind, solar, biomass, geothermal, small hydro and ocean energy
  • Technology cost outlooks for battery energy storage, onshore and offshore wind, solar and natural gas-fired capacity
  • Outlooks for supply, demand, and spot pricing of compliance renewable energy credits (RECs) in multiple markets
  • Tracking of North American corporate clean energy procurement activity
  • Topical research reports on emerging power and renewable trends, market and policy developments
  • Announced coal plant retirements, pollution control retrofit projects and conventional power plant transactions
North American Gas
  • In-depth natural gas outlook to 2050 for 9 regions and 12 subregions, with summary report and detailed analysis on market drivers and trends. The long-term natural gas outlook includes forecasts with monthly granularity for:
    • Henry Hub and 34 key pricing points
    • Storage injections/withdrawals and inventories
    • Demand by end-use sector for residential, commercial, industrial, power, and transportation.
    • Imports and exports, including liquified natural gas
    • Regional and play-level production, including break-even prices for select plays
    • Regional supply and demand balances including inter-regional flows
    • Renewable natural gas and hydrogen
  • Sensitivity cases that explore key uncertainties, including a net zero emissions pathway case
  • Short-term (3 years) outlook report issued monthly on market drivers and trends, includes forecasts with monthly granularity for:
    • Henry Hub and 34 key pricing points
    • Storage injections/withdrawals and inventories
    • Demand by end-use sector for residential, commercial, industrial, power, and transportation.
    • Production
    • Imports and exports, including liquified natural gas
  • Detailed short-term (3 years) fundamentals analysis for nine regions and twelve subregions with regional supply and demand balances, including inter-regional flows, issued quarterly
  • Two-week outlook for US lower-48 storage injections and withdrawals, with analysis of impact on natural gas prices
  • List of newly announced pipeline expansion projects in the US Lower 48 and Canada, including:
    • Estimated capital costs
    • Project scope (e.g., additional pipeline and/or compression)
    • Project flow paths by region, state, and county
    • Project announced in-service date and status
  • Topical research reports on emerging natural gas trends, market and policy developments
Sample Webinar Topics
Clean Energy Technology:
  • What are the opportunities, challenges and key trends in the stationary energy storage sector in 2020 and beyond?
  • What’s next for battery technology?
  • The most important trends in solar PV and battery energy storage in 2020
  • The impacts of the state of technology on the pathways to a sustainable energy future
  • Captured prices for US wind and solar: What a difference a carbon price makes
  • Exploring the potential roles for hydrogen in a net-zero carbon emissions North America
  • US battery storage costs: Declines to continue amid surging demand for electric vehicles
Power and Renewables:
  • Fast Transition: Exploring faster electrification and decarbonization possibilities in North American power markets
  • Assessing the US power supply challenge amid a surge in solar development?
  • North America corporate clean energy procurement: Will 2021 be a record year?
  • California’s looming power supply shortfall: What resources are likely to fill the need?
  • US power markets evaluate new approaches to resource adequacy
  • US corporate renewable procurement surge: Anomaly or sustained trend?
  • North American natural gas long-term outlook: Growing dependence on international markets
  • Summer weather sensitivities: Can the North American natural gas market handle a mild summer?
  • Winter weather sensitivities: North American gas demand and price expectations in a fully supplied winter wonderland
  • North American natural gas and renewable generation: The fight to serve incremental demand
Country Coverage
  • United States (US Lower 48)
  • Canada

Recent Insights

Insight Videos

Discover and analyze energy outlooks: What are the top three trends in the North American renewable energy markets?

Power interconnection woes across the US Mid-Continent: What you need to know.


Matthew Palmer

Matthew is an expert at developing fundamentals-based supply, demand, and price forecasts and an understanding of the associated risks. He has developed a wide range of analytical models and tools to assess markets, has prepared presentations, and has written reports on the natural gas, electric power, and oil markets. This includes broad industry outlooks, regional analyses, and granular market assessments. He has a deep understanding of oil and gas infrastructure, regional supply and demand, and locational price differentials across the United States and Canada.Before joining S&P Global, he was director of fundamentals at Encana, where he was responsible for natural gas and power market fundamentals analysis and oversaw Encana's risk management activities for natural gas. Matthew began his career with S&P Global, where he led the development of natural gas demand forecasts, researched the relationship between oil and natural gas prices, and followed the western North American regional gas market. Matthew holds a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, United States.

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Douglas Giuffre

Douglas has more than 15 years of energy industry experience, with expertise in supply and demand forecasting, demand response, and capacity markets. He is the lead author of the Northeast Power Market Briefing, PJM Power Market Briefing, and North American Power Market Outlook. Prior to joining S&P Global, Douglas was a research economist at the Beacon Hill Institute, where he specialized in regulatory policy issues, including tax incentives for renewable energy.He holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Massachusetts and a master's degree from Suffolk University, United States.

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Shankari Srinivasan

Shankari has specific expertise in global gas market fundamentals analysis, price forecasting, company strategy and scenario planning. She has authored numerous reports. Prior to joining S&P Global Commodity Insights, Shankari was Head of Energy Fundamentals at Centrica in the United Kingdom. She has covered the European gas market for many years and authored a number of reports as researcher and then leader of the European gas practice at CERA, which is now part of S&P Global Commodity Insights. She has also assessed the European and Russian gas markets with the International Energy Agency.Shankari previously worked at a New York brokerage firm as a corporate equity analyst. She holds three degrees from US Universities, a Bachelor of Arts from Brown University, a Master of Science from New York University, and a Master of Science from University of Pennsylvania. She also holds an Executive MBA from Cranfield University, United Kingdom.

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Mark Griffith

Mark focuses on long-term strategic energy market analysis, assessing how factors like climate change policy and the competition among fuels and energy technologies can influence market participants' strategic and operational decisions. He is currently investigating the impacts of economy-wide deep decarbonization on the US and Canadian power sectors, and was recently the project manager for the S&P Global multi-client study "Hydrogen in the Golden State", which assessed the potential role of hydrogen in facilitating a low-carbon economy in California. Mark advises a diverse group of clients, including electric and gas utilities, independent power producers, oil and gas producers, government entities, financial investors, and transportation and power equipment manufacturers.Prior to joining IHS Markit (now part of S&P Global) he held several senior positions in the energy consulting industry, leading power market analysis, asset transactional due diligence, and integrated resource planning projects for a wide range of clients. Prior to that, he spent 15 years in the electric utility industry, focused on power marketing, risk management, integrated resource planning, regulatory analysis, and fuel planning. Mark has sponsored expert witness testimony in Iowa, Kansas, North Carolina, Texas, Virginia, and in private arbitration.He holds BS and MS degrees in Mineral Economics from The Pennsylvania State University.

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Patrick Luckow

Patrick is experienced in the use of simulation and forecasting tools to conduct economic analysis and long-term scenario planning to support renewable and carbon market analyses. He produces regularly updated allowance price outlooks for the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative and California-Quebec carbon markets. Patrick also contributes to S&P Global Commodity Insights REC market outlooks, forecasting pricing associated with state renewable portfolio standards. Prior to joining S&P Global, Patrick was the modeling lead at Synapse Energy Economics, where he used industry-standard models for resource planning and market forecasting, as well as expert testimony for regulatory proceedings.Patrick holds a Bachelor of Science from Northwestern University, United States, and a Master of Science degree from the University of Maryland, United States.

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Wade Shafer

Wade Shafer—Director for the Climate and Sustainability, North America Power and Renewables practice at S&P Global Commodity Insights —covers western North American power markets and researches electric power decarbonization strategies. Based in Washington, D.C., he analyzes power market fundamentals—focusing on California and Alberta—and follows policy, technology, and generation trends. His decarbonization strategy work includes renewable generation portfolios that meet hourly electricity demand, resource adequacy in low carbon power systems, hydrogen for seasonal energy storage, electricity demand arising from heating electrification and hydrogen production, and the implications of electric vehicles for the power grid. Utilities, power plant developers, energy and automotive companies, and private equity firms use his work and seek his advice for generation asset valuations, resource and strategic planning, and public policy. Wade speaks with and supports all levels of organizations, including corporate executives and directors.Wade earned an MS from Johns Hopkins University and a BS from The George Washington University. He has over a decade of experience working in electric power and other infrastructure industries.

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Barclay Gibbs

Barclay advises on power economics, due diligence, wholesale power price forecasting, and environmental/climate policy. He has advised electric utilities, independent power producers, fuels producers, investment banks, private equity firms, manufacturers of power generation equipment, construction/engineering firms, and industrial users of power.Recent/ongoing consulting projects include investment advisory and market benefits assessments for offshore wind projects in the Northeast US, market scenarios and strategic advisory services for a wind/solar developer, preparation of a report to support the refinancing of a solar portfolio in SERC, an in-depth market study supporting a US nuclear power plant portfolio transaction, a buy-side market assessment for a portfolio of combined-cycle gas turbine plants (northeast US), and a property tax assessment in the WECC for a gas-fired power plant.Educated in chemical/environmental engineering, applied economics, and technology policy, Barclay holds a BS from Bucknell University, an MA from Johns Hopkins University, and MS degrees from both Clemson University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

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