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Investor Workflow Management: InvestorAccess

Increase buyside efficiency and operational risk management with our platform for new issue workflow.

InvestorAccess solution increases buyside efficiency and reduces operational risk for new issue workflow, with access to over 170 banks.

InvestorAccess, our groundbreaking solution brings together investors and banks, with the ability to participate in primary new issuance, integrated into an investor’s current workflow.

The workflows relating to the distribution of deal terms, as well as the communication of orders and allocations, are included in the solution.

It builds upon our fixed income sellside suite, including IssueBook and IssueNet, overall becoming the primary hub for all new issuance, with accessibility tailored to the user’s needs.

Traditional market workflow is cumbersome and prone to error

With multiple parties involved and multiple deals running simultaneously, the new issue process can be complicated, particularly for buyside traders. They risk missing information or making a mistake while coordinating the volume of deals, orders, and communications.

Our solution increases efficiency and reduces operational risk

InvestorAccess helps efficiently manage compressed deal timelines and busy new issuance days. Buyside participants are connected to an inter-dealer network for deal management and order book synchronization, including access to more than 170 banks that use our systems to run syndicated deals.

  • Deal information directly from the syndicate desk
  • Consolidated messaging from all relationships
  • Electronically enter orders on new issues
  • Create and manage orders in a centralized location which includes secure, one-click submission; eliminate the need to duplicate updates across multiple counterparts
  • Enter laddered, limit, and multiple entity orders supported by order change and cancellation workflow
  • View new issue allocations directly from syndicate banks
  • Decades of experience in the primary fixed income space; 24 hour global support

InvestorAccess integrates all workflows related to deal terms distribution, and communication of orders and allocations, whereby both the buyside and all participants benefit throughout the method.

Today, the InvestorAccess Platform exists: it is the both the market and regulatory standard; the technology is proven and open to all; it is the market leader in Europe and Asia.

Built for the buyside, with the sellside

Our buyside solutions were developed in partnership with market participants from both the buyside and sell side to add efficiency in how new issues are brought to market.

Our new issuance tools are used by syndicate banks and institutional investors for the vast majority of new issuance across US equities, US municipals, and global fixed income.

Full buyside platform for primary issuance

We offer an integrated set of modules to optimize the new issue process. Each module may be used individually or in conjunction with other components, depending on your firm’s objectives.

Products and Solutions

  • IssueNet

    A unique network of member banks linked by web-based technology that synchronizes deal and order book information between syndicate desks.

  • IssueLaunch

    Our deal terms communication tool ensures that banks and all other parties involved can work together in real time to set up deals and communicate the terms to sales, other banks, and investors in an organized, compliant format.
  • IssueBook

    From origination through marketing to book build, allocation, and settlement: IssueBook streamlines and centralizes book building for the fixed income new issuance process.
  • Japanese Dashboard 2.0

    Centralized, auditable platform for Japanese retention transactions, enabling smooth execution of deal communication.

    Japanese Version

  • InvestorAccess / Buyside Services

    Communication of orders between buyside portfolio managers and traders directly via their OMS provider.
  • DealMonitor

    A web portal for buyside investors to view, interact, order, and receive allocations with new issues available in the market.
  • Primary Indication Management (PIM)

    Communication of orders between buyside portfolio managers and traders directly via DealMonitor.
  • DealServices API

    Consume deal data internally
  • FIX Connectivity

    Order placement via FIX for OMS, EMS, & Proprietary Built Systems
  • ComplianceWorkstation / Audit feed

    Monitoring of primary market activity conducted by traders and portfolio managers.
  • IssuerView

    Direct access for the issuing party of a new transaction, showing a live view of the demand for their offering. (Coming Q1 2021)


Krishna Shetty

Mr. Shetty joined IHS Markit in 2010 and heads business development for Americas GSAC (Government, Sovereign, Agency and Corporate) evaluate

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