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All Customer Sites (A to Z)

  • Agent Services
    ["Financial Services","Agent Services"]
  • Automotive Aftermarket | WorldView
    ["Automotive","Automotive Aftermarket | WorldView"]
  • Automotive Catalyst for Insight
    ["Automotive","Automotive Catalyst for Insight"]
  • Automotive MarketInsight
    ["Automotive","Automotive MarketInsight"]
  • Automotive Planning Solutions
    • AutoInsight
    • AutoIntelligence
    • AutoTechInsight (formerly SupplierInsight)
    • Component Forecast Analytics
    • Features and Technology Benchmarking
    • Mobility Portal
    ["Automotive","AutoIntelligence","AutoInsight","AutoIntelligence","AutoTechInsight (formerly SupplierInsight)","Mobility Portal","Features and Technology Benchmarking","Automotive Planning Solutions"]
  • Automotive Vehicle Performance and Compliance Monitor (VPaC)
    ["Automotive","Automotive Vehicle Performance and Compliance Monitor (VPaC)"]
  • Automotive Vehicle Technical Intelligence Platform (VTIP)
    ["Automotive","Automotive Vehicle Technical Intelligence Platform (VTIP)"]
  • BD PRO (IE8 or earlier)
    ["Automotive","BD PRO (IE8 or earlier)"]
  • BestEx
    ["Financial Services","BestEx"]
  • CDS Pricing Data
    ["Financial Services","CDS Pricing Data"]
  • CDS Reference Data
    ["CDS Reference Data"]
  • Chemical
    • Chemical Economics Handbook
    • Competitive Company Analysis
    • Competitive Cost and Margin Analytics 
    • Directory of Chemical Producers
    • Headline Analysis & Daily Pricing
    • Market Advisory Service 
    • Process Comparison & Cost Tracker
    • Process Economics Program
    • Process Economics Program Yearbook
    • Special Reports
    • Specialty Chemicals Update Program
    • Strategic Reports
    • World Analysis 
    ["Chemicals","Competitive Cost and Margin Analytics","Competitive Company Analysis","Market Advisory Service","World Analysis","Special Reports","Chemical Economics Handbook","Process Economics Program (PEP)","Process Economics Program Yearbook","Directory of Chemical Producers","Specialty Chemicals Update Program","Chemical"]
  • Corporate Actions
    ["Financial Services","Corporate Actions"]
  • Counterparty Manager
    ["Financial Services","Counterparty Manager"]
  • Credit Novation Consent
    ["Financial Services","Credit Novation Consent"]
  • CTI Tax Solutions
    ["Financial Services","CTI Tax Solutions"]
  • Derivatives Studio
    ["Financial Services","Derivatives Studio"]
  • Dividend Forecasting
    ["Financial Services","Dividend Forecasting"]
  • Dredging and Port Construction Magazine
    ["Maritime","Dredging and Port Construction Magazine"]
  • Drilling Data
    ["Oil & Gas","Drilling Data"]
  • DSMatch
    ["Financial Services","DSMatch"]
  • Economics & Country Risk
    ["Economics & Country Risk","Economics & Country Risk"]
  • EDS Maps
    ["Oil & Gas","EDS Maps"]
  • EIATrack
    ["Engineering Standards, Reference & Tools","Aerospace, Defense & Security","Chemicals","Life Sciences","Maritime","Oil & Gas","Technology","EIATrack"]
  • Energy
    • Daily Alert
    • Drilling Wire
    • EDIN
    • Enerdeq Browser
    • Energy News on Demand
    • GEPS
    • International Oil Letter
    • LogNet
    • PEPS
    • US Data Online
    • Webservices SDK US
    • World Markets Energy
    ["Oil & Gas","Daily Alert","Drilling Wire","EDIN","Enerdeq Browser","Energy News on Demand","GEPS","International Oil Letter","LogNet","PEPS","US Data Online","Webservices SDK US","World Markets Energy","Energy"]
  • Engineering Resource Center (ERC)
    • Engineering Workbench
    • Standards Expert
    • AccessEngineering from McGraw Hill
    • Wiley Encyclopedia of Reagents for Organic Synthesis - EROS
    • Wiley Organic Reactions Database
    • Wiley Organic Syntheses Database
    • ASME BPVC Advantage
    • NBBI NBIC Advantage
    • AASHTO Advantage
    • ASTM Digital Library
    • CatalogXpress
    • H-Series Handbooks
    • ILSmart
    • ESDU
    • Key to Metals – Total Materia Database
    • Reference Linking Maintenance Tool
    • Support and Training – Product Education Sessions
    • CAPS Universe
    • BOM Intelligence
    • Parts Intelligence
    ["Engineering Standards, Reference & Tools","Aerospace, Defense & Security","Automotive","Chemicals","Life Sciences","Maritime","Oil & Gas","Technology","AASHTO Advantage","AccessEngineering from McGraw Hill","Account Reports","ASME BPVC Advantage","ASTM Digital Library","BOM Intelligence","BOM Manager","CAPS Universe","CatalogXpress","CatalogXpress Lite","CatalogXpress Orientation","ESDU","HAYSTACK Gold","H-Series Handbooks","IHS Markit EIATRACK","IHS Markit Engineering Product Insight","IHS Markit Engineering Workbench","IHS Markit Standards Expert","ILSmart","Key to Metals – Total Materia Database","NBBI NBIC Advantage","Reference Linking Maintenance Tool","Wiley Encyclopedia of Reagents for Organic Synthesis - EROS","Wiley Organic Reactions Database","Wiley Organic Syntheses Database","Engineering Resource Center (ERC)"]
  • Environmental Registry
    ["Financial Services","Environmental Registry"]
  • ESDU
    ["Engineering Standards, Reference & Tools","Aerospace, Defense & Security","Automotive","ESDU"]
  • Evaluation
    ["Financial Services","Evaluation"]
  • Fairplay Magazine Online
    ["Maritime","Fairplay Magazine Online"]
  • Financial Services
    ["Financial Services","Financial Services"]
  • Financial Services Support Portal
    ["Financial Services","Financial Services Support Portal"]
  • Fleet Capacity Forecast
    ["Maritime","Fleet Capacity Forecast"]
  • Foresight
    ["Economics & Country Risk","Aerospace, Defense & Security","Automotive","Chemicals","Life Sciences","Maritime","Oil & Gas","Technology","Foresight"]
  • Freight Rate Forecast
    ["Maritime","Freight Rate Forecast"]
  • Global Insight by IHS Markit
    • My Insight
    • Pricing and Purchasing
    ["Economics & Country Risk","Aerospace, Defense & Security","Automotive","Life Sciences","Maritime","Oil & Gas","Technology","My Insight","Pricing and Purchasing","Global Insight by IHS Markit"]
  • Global Trade Atlas (GTA)
    ["Maritime","Global Trade Atlas (GTA)"]
  • Hub
    ["Financial Services","Hub"]
  • IHS Markit Connect
    ["Economics & Country Risk","Aerospace, Defense & Security","Automotive","Chemicals","Life Sciences","Maritime","Oil & Gas","Technology","IHS Markit Connect"]
  • IHS Markit Navigate
    ["Oil & Gas","IHS Markit Navigate"]
  • IHS Markit Online Store
    ["IHS Markit Online Store"]
    ["Financial Services","iLEVEL APAC/EMEA"]
    ["Financial Services","iLEVEL US"]
  • Indices
    ["Financial Services","Indices"]
  • Interactions
    ["Financial Services","Interactions"]
  • International Index Explorer
    ["Financial Services","International Index Explorer"]
    ["Financial Services","iVAL APAC/EMEA"]
  • iVAL US
    ["Financial Services","iVAL US"]
  • Jane's by IHS Markit
    ["Aerospace, Defense & Security","Jane's by IHS Markit"]
  • Journal of Commerce (JOC)
    ["Maritime","Journal of Commerce (JOC)"]
  • Kingdom by IHS Markit
    ["Oil & Gas","Kingdom by IHS Markit"]
  • KY3P
    ["Financial Services","KY3P"]
  • KYC Services
    ["Financial Services","KYC Services"]
  • Life Sciences
    • Pricing & Reimbursement
    • World healthcare
    • Drug pricing
    ["Life Sciences","Life Sciences"]
  • Loan Reference Data
    ["Financial Services","Loan Reference Data"]
  • Loan settlement
    ["Financial Services","Loan settlement"]
  • Macroeconomic Advisers by IHS Markit
    ["Economics & Country Risk","Aerospace, Defense & Security","Automotive","Chemicals","Life Sciences","Maritime","Oil & Gas","Technology","Macroeconomic Advisers by IHS Markit"]
  • Maritime Portal
    • AISLive
    • Sea-web
    • EU MRV Compliance
    • Fleet Capacity Forecast
    • Freight Rate Forecast
    ["Maritime","Maritime Portal"]
  • MarkitSERV
    ["Financial Services","MarkitSERV"]
  • MD3
    ["Financial Services","MD3"]
  • MSA
    ["Financial Services","MSA"]
  • Notice Manager
    ["Financial Services","Notice Manager"]
  • Offset Performance Benchmarking
    ["Oil & Gas","Offset Performance Benchmarking"]
  • Parsing
    ["Financial Services","Parsing"]
  • Payments
    ["Financial Services","Payments"]
  • PCNalert
    • Component Management Services
    • Parts Research
    • Obsolescence Management Information
    • Sourcing Information
    ["Engineering Standards, Reference & Tools","Technology","Component Management Services","Parts Research","Obsolescence Management Information","Sourcing Information","PCNalert"]
  • Performance Explorer
    ["Financial Services","Performance Explorer"]
  • Petrodata
    ["Oil & Gas","Petrodata"]
  • PetroSurveys
    ["Oil & Gas","PetroSurveys"]
  • PFC Energy
    ["Oil & Gas","PFC Energy"]
  • PMI
    ["Economics & Country Risk","Financial Services","PMI"]
  • PointLogic
    ["Oil & Gas","PointLogic"]
  • Portfolio Valuations
    ["Financial Services","Portfolio Valuations"]
  • Price Viewer
    ["Financial Services","Price Viewer"]
  • Pricing & Purchasing
    ["Economics & Country Risk","Aerospace, Defense & Security","Automotive","Chemicals","Life Sciences","Oil & Gas","Technology","Pricing & Purchasing"]
  • Pricing Data - Loan
    ["Financial Services","Pricing Data - Loan"]
  • Prism
    ["Financial Services","Prism"]
  • Qval
    ["Financial Services","Qval"]
  • Research Signals
    ["Financial Services","Research Signals"]
  • Risk Explorer
    ["Financial Services","Risk Explorer"]
  • Rushmore Reviews
    ["Oil & Gas","Rushmore Reviews"]
  • Safety at Sea Magazine Online
    ["Maritime","Safety at Sea Magazine Online"]
  • Sea-web
    • Sea-web
    • Sea-web Directory
    ["Maritime","Sea-web","Sea-web Directory","Sea-web"]
  • Sea-web Ports
    ["Maritime","Sea-web Ports"]
  • Sea-web Security
    ["Maritime","Sea-web Security"]
  • Securities Finance Web Portal
    ["Financial Services","Securities Finance Web Portal"]
  • Securitised Products
    ["Financial Services","Securitised Products"]
  • Shipfinder Online
    ["Maritime","Shipfinder Online"]
  • Shipowners Online
    ["Maritime","Shipowners Online"]
  • Specify-it
    • Specify-it Enhanced
    • Specify-it FM Enhanced
    • TI One Stop
    ["Engineering Standards, Reference & Tools","Specify-it Enhanced","Specify-it FM Enhanced","TI One Stop","Specify-it"]
  • Structure Maps
    ["Oil & Gas","Structure Maps"]
  • Submission Manager
    ["Financial Services","Submission Manager"]
  • Technology
  • Tie Outs
    ["Financial Services","Tie Outs"]
  • TIPNet
  • Totem
    ["Financial Services","Totem"]
  • Trade Manager
    ["Financial Services","Trade Manager"]
  • Transaction Cost Analysis
    • Markit Transaction Cost Analysis
    • Markit BestEx
    ["Financial Services","Markit BestEx","Markit Transaction Cost Analysis","Transaction Cost Analysis"]
  • Transaction Explorer
    ["Financial Services","Transaction Explorer"]
  • UK Solutions
    • Construction Information Service (CIS)
    • Engineer-IT Enhanced
    • Environmental Management
    • Facilities Management (FM)
    • Food & Drink Safety
    • Irish Construction Information Service (Irish CIS)
    • Irish Construction Information Service Plus
    • Irish Occupational Health and Safety Information Service (Irish OHSIS)
    • Network Rail Standards (NRS)
    • OHSIS (Occupational Health and Safety Information Service)
    • OHSIS Document Alert
    • SCI Blue Book
    • Trading Standards Specialist (TSS)
    ["Engineering Standards, Reference & Tools","Construction Information Service (CIS)","Engineer-IT Enhanced","Environmental Management","Facilities Management (FM)","Irish Construction Information Service (Irish CIS)","Irish Construction Information Service Plus","Irish Occupational Health and Safety Information Service (Irish OHSIS)","Network Rail Standards (NRS)","OHSIS (Occupational Health and Safety Information Service)","OHSIS Document Alert","SCI Blue Book","Trading Standards Specialist (TSS)","UK Solutions"]
  • Valuations Manager
    ["Financial Services","Valuations Manager"]
  • VCS Offset Project Registry
    ["Financial Services","VCS Offset Project Registry"]
  • VCS Project Database
    ["Financial Services","VCS Project Database"]
  • WSOWeb
    ["Financial Services","WSOWeb"]
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