Automotive Whitepaper: The Data and Mobility Exchange

Key topics addressed within this whitepaper:

  • Why connectivity should be a profit-center for OEMs
  • Who owns connected vehicle data in what situations
  • How this ownership is evolving with new mobility business models

IHS Markit predicts that by 2040 there will be 33 million automated vehicles sold-up from 51,000 units in 2021. With many of these self-driving cars employed in mobility schemes, it is obvious that connectivity and data will be key inputs to revenues and a positive user experience.

Connectivity is the catalyst
The global automotive industry is well on its way to connecting every new vehicle it produces. In 2018, there will be an estimated 27 million light consumer vehicles produced with embedded connections to the cloud, representing just under one-third of the market. In the next five years, the penetration rate will grow to more than half of the vehicles produced globally, illustrating the importance and opportunities behind these connections.

Yet, providing "traditional" telematics services is no longer the only motive automakers have in connecting every vehicle. Connectivity is a catalyst to new automotive revenue streams; it is a foundation for the future of mobility. Connectivity, especially 4G LTE and future 5G technologies, provides the pipe for a deluge of data for use across countless industries direct and indirect to the automotive industry itself. This data is then transformed into new mobility services, which therein increases vehicle miles travelled (VMT) on a macro scale, producing evermore revenue opportunities for the now captive audience in an automated mobility platform.

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