Financial Inclusion Impact Investing - A New Paradigm

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Investing in Financial Inclusion Institutions has enormous potential to impact households across the world positively. Valuations of these positions can be challenging but critical as they determine the levels at which investors enter and exit a fund and forms the basis for a robust risk management framework. ACTIAM has partnered with IHS Markit to utilize daily data on sector/rating/region curves based on actively traded syndicated loans to value private loans.

This paper explores how to meet the challenges of valuing FIIs.

  • Financial Inclusion Industry

  • Combining private debt with a robust valuation process

  • Valuation of debt instruments explained

  • Boosting investor confidence

  • Basktesting outcomes

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The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has triggered a structural shift in assessing risk. Its continuing aftermath has caused many firms to look at how they conduct business - and use data with a new perspective.

Curves are a crucial component of trading, valuation and risk management in fixed income. Government bond and interest rate swap curves are integral to the rates market and widely understood. Perhaps lesser known, but no less important to many fixed income users, are credit curves (also known as spread curves).

This brief study focuses on

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