MiFID II Video Gallery

MiFID II: Insights from thought leaders

As the deadline for MiFID II approaches, many financial market professionals still have questions about how the new regulations will impact their company and what they need to do to ensure compliance. Experts from IHS Markit and other top firms are addressing these concerns, providing advice on how to turn this challenge into an opportunity for competitive advantage.

MiFID II: Next steps for asset managers
Michael Aldridge, Managing Director, Trading Services, IHS Markit

Funding research: Are you ready for MiFID II?
Tom Conigliaro, head of Brokerage and Research Services, IHS Markit

How will MiFID II impact the financial services industry?
Learn more from experts at Barclays, Deloitte and IHS Markit

How to implement research payment solutions
Francis Land, Director of Brokerage and Research Services, IHS Markit