IHS Engineering Webcast Series

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Engineers and engineering leaders today face a range of challenges as they work to bring their products to market and their projects to completion on time and on budget. To help you overcome these challenges, IHS is pleased to announce the IHS Engineering Webcast Series, an exclusive set of engineering-focused webinars designed to arm you with the knowledge you need to tackle your toughest technical challenges.

Upcoming Webcasts

Currently, no upcoming complimentary webcasts are scheduled, but please check back often to learn how IHS Markit Engineering Solutions can help you. Select the On Demand tab to access the previous engineering webcast topic(s) most relevant to you for reviewing at your convenience.

On Demand Webcasts

These on-demand webcasts are available for immediate viewing.

  • Engineering & Product Design - Tips, Tricks & Updates
    This Tips, Tricks & Updates recorded webcast features valuable tips for IHS Markit Standards customers, includes updates on the IHS Markit Engineering Workbench, and provides a look at the capabilities in IHS Markit Knowledge Collections.

  • Solve the Innovation Puzzle - Best Practices of the Leaders ... Revealed
    How are leaders making the most of innovators and innovative thinking within and outside their organizations? What separates top performing companies from laggard competitors? Join this webcast for a panel discussion on insights drawn from nearly 200 professionals and executive leaders who provided input on the impact of recent trends on their ability to meet business goals.

  • State of the Technical Professional Workforce
    Senior executives are looking to their engineers and other technical professionals to directly contribute to growth, cost optimization, and risk management objectives. And yet, the technical enterprise is challenged by shrinking resources, looming demographic trends, and a data tsunami. How are leaders overcoming these significant headwinds to deliver increasing value to their organizations? What separates top performers from laggards? View this on demand webcast for a review of recent results from the "State of the Professional Workforce Survey." The panel discussion highlights insights drawn from more than 500 engineers, research and other technical professionals, and leaders that provided input on the impact of recent trends and the ability to meet business goals.

  • Technical Knowledge Discovery; How Smart Engineering Organizations Leverage Their Expertise to Drive Success
    Learn how optimizing engineering efficiency leads to accelerated innovation, how you can cut research times by 75%, and how to avoid risks and costly mistakes. Our speakers will share how a large organization is dramatically accelerating engineering research times and enhancing engineering expertise with best-in-class tools designed to give engineers, scientists and researchers a single-point-of-access to internal technical knowledge.

  • The Standardization Imperative: Optimize for Cost
    Thousands of internal proprietary standards are often developed to address complex or specialized requirements. View this on demand webcast to learn how you can derive substantial savings on unnecessary costs with standardization optimization and a focus on four key imperatives for the oil and gas industry.
  • Third Revolution of Engineering Productivity Tools
    Today's engineers have more digital tools than ever before, and are faced with the management of the information associated with those tools. Discover how IHS, CADENAS PARTsolutions and AIA/NAS have partnered to help with knowledge discovery and the management of standards, parts and knowledge information to help teams innovate, improve and implement engineering designs.

  • Knowledge Pays: How to Make an Investment in Technical Reference Content Pay for Itself
    Knowledge and information are the keys to overcoming the challenges facing today's scientists and engineers. However, the value of knowledge can be difficult to quantify. Discover how enhanced knowledge capabilities drive innovation, productivity and safety in your organization. Learn how industry leaders are evaluating the power of knowledge to produce revenue-oriented business value, and how you could do the same in your organization by:
    • Accelerating productivity
    • Reducing risk
    • Out-innovating the competition
    • Improving procurement costs

  • Synchronize Workflow Documentation
    Learn how you can easily manage document distribution associated with a major, global enterprise-wide environment to rapidly solve problems and deliver problems and deliver projects as planned, on schedule, and on budget.

  • Supercharge Your Engineering ROI
    Companies invest millions in tools for their engineers, yet 30%+ of their efforts are still wasted. What would you do if you could recapture 30% of your engineers' time?