Tiered Pricing Strategies in the Global Pharmaceutical Industry

Tiered Pricing

Matching Prices with Local Conditions

Tiered pricing is based on the principle that drug prices should vary internationally according to some measure of affordability.

It is a critical strategy for optimizing sales in low and middle income markets. Correctly establishing tiered pricing schemes can make the difference between realizing pharmaceutical sales goals and failure to penetrate these emerging markets.

Our study, based on extensive primary research, including interviews with both key industry leaders and payers, provides guidance on how best to set your tiered pricing strategy. The study will help you assess:

  • How payers in high- and middle-income countries are influenced by prices achieved in low-income markets?
  • Best pricing practise by country.
  • How to deal with drugs re-imported from low- to middle- and high-income countries?
  • How payers view tiered pricing and what their appetite and expectations are for their market?
  • How to strategize your tiers for high-cost treatments, such as biopharma and oncology?

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