Webinar Recording: Best Practices for Integrated Regulatory Reporting Across Multiple Jurisdictions

The regulatory reporting obligations of financial institutions have increased in scale over the past decade, leaving firms facing a raft of different requirements to provide increasingly granular metrics on their transaction, valuation and collateral data to a number of regulatory authorities. While many of these reports draw from the same core data set, the nuanced differences in requirement across regulatory jurisdictions is creating a complex, highly fragmented and administratively burdensome challenge for many financial institutions, particularly those with activities in multiple jurisdictions.

Today tier one or tier two buy-side and sell-side institutions need to provide a significant number of reporting data fields to licensed trade repositories to meet their obligations under a range of reporting regulations – ASIC, CFTC, EMIR, HKMA, MAS, MiFID II, SFTR – across global markets in credit, commodities, equities, foreign exchange, interest rates and exchange-traded derivatives.

For regulated entities, the challenge is to report as efficiently as possible, ensuring consistency across the relevant regulatory jurisdictions, minimizing risk of misreporting, and centralizing audit trails and exceptions management.

This webinar looks at the challenges facing institutions as they seek to establish an integrated approach to regulatory risk reporting. It discusses the specific issues facing both buy- and sell-side institutions and includes examples of how firms have approached trade reporting across the key regulations they face. In particular, the webinar will address best practices for establishing a full reporting workflow including:

  • Data management
  • Submission
  • Reconciliation
  • Monitoring

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