Businesses today are facing a faster, relentless, ever-changing landscape

Especially in the demanding technology industry, success depends on your ability to know what’s happening right now, in every corner of the globe. IHS Markit can help. We provide deep and broad information, insight and analytics in critical areas that shape the technology ecosystem—from materials and components, to devices and equipment, to end markets and consumers—in sectors spanning:

  • Mobile & Consumer Electronics
  • Automotive
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Displays
  • Healthcare Technology
  • Semiconductors
  • Power & Energy
  • Financial
  • Electronic Parts & Bill of Materials

Harness our incisive intelligence to get an unbiased, big picture view with a detailed focus. So you can successfully plan where you want to go and how you can best compete.


The Internet of Things: A movement, not a market

The average annual number of connected IoT devices worldwide will reach 125 billion in 2030. Download our ebook to understand why IoT matters for your business.

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