Government & NGOs

From the local to the national level, governments face competing pressures to increase services, cut budgets, drive growth, and protect citizens from a growing spectrum of threats at home and abroad. They are joined by non-governmental organizations (NGOs), which support agency personnel and program strategies as well as providing on-ground support.

IHS Markit information and insight enables governments and NGOs to make better policy decisions, evaluate options under alternate scenarios, and monitor their defense and security positions. Use our trusted economic forecasts to plan and forecast budgets, assess energy alternatives, identify investment sources, and understand key drivers of revenue growth and economic development. Our solutions allow you to quantify and analyze both the job and revenue-creating effects of your policies, projects and operations.

Economic impact analysis of regulatory, policy and investment changes

Gain independent research support for your initiatives. We help private and public organizations quantify the job and revenue-creating effects of their policies, projects and operations.

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