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Economics & Country Risk

Put risk to work for you

Quantify country risks, in financial terms, generating specific Net Present Value (NPV) and Internal Rate of Return (IRR) to test potential investments against changing risk scenarios.

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Insights as individual as you are

In uncertain market conditions, ExpertConnect is here to help with balanced perspective on forces shaping your industy. Book time with our experts today.


Is your sourcing strategy appropriately diversified?

Identify your exposures and set a solid strategy with our new strategic sourcing solution.


Analysis and coverage of COVID-19 and the expected economic impacts

Our analysis and coverage of COVID-19 is now available as single-purchase package or reports.

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Economics & Country Risk

Who we are

Putting our 360-degree perspective to work for you

Our data, models, and experts provide companies with the complete perspective – from global economic strengths to industry level health and down to street-level risk assessments and everything in between. Our clients rely on us to support their strategic and tactical plans whether they are expanding their global footprint, negotiating pricing, setting investment plans, protecting their assets, or trying to increase revenue.

With comprehensive and consistent data, economic and risk forecasting models, granular country and sovereign risk ratings, comparative industry forecasts, commodity prices, and unmatched expertise, we enable customers to identify and optimize opportunities, mitigate risks, and solve problems across the globe.

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Economics & Country Risk Products & Solution

Global Economics

Identify business growth opportunities, measure industry performance, and quantify market risk―for 206 countries. We also offer sub-national coverage of the US, China, South Africa, and Canada and scenario analysis.

Country Risk

Anticipate and quantify critical business and security risks that might adversely impact your personnel, interests, and assets —anywhere in the world.

Procurement, Sourcing, and Commodity Pricing

Cut spending, assess your buying performance, favorably negotiate purchase contracts and source with confidence.

US Economics

Find consistent coverage of US economy, industry and market performance, future risks, business dynamics and alternate scenarios.

Security Risk

Foresight Security Planning Service delivers the intelligence needed to make the right operational and strategic decisions about personnel and assets.

Comparative Industry Analysis

Quickly compare the performance of 105 industries across 75 countries based on activity, sales, profits, costs and risks over time.

Purchasing Managers Index – PMI™

Understand why financial and corporate professionals use PMI to nowcast and evaluate where economies and markets are headed.

Scenarios and Modeling

Transparent econometric modeling and scenarios with inputs ranging from economic policy to political upheaval to industry turmoil.

Life Sciences

Assess global impact of competitive pricing and reimbursement, market access strategies, disease trends and therapeutic breakthroughs, evolving healthcare budget/expenditures, workforce needs and much more.

Economics and Country Risk Coverage

Global coverage across economics, risks and industries ensures you make the best-possible decisions Use our interactive map to view our full coverage.

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