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Circular Plastics - Moving from a Linear to a Circular Business Model

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Shifting Petrochemical Markets

Clear winners and losers will emerge.
Make sure you end up on the winning side.

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Transition levers for circular plastics

The plastics sector is at an unprecedented inflection point. The future direction remains uncertain and industry’s social license to operate is under attack.

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Experts by IHS Markit — Insights as individual as you are

In uncertain market conditions, Experts by IHS Markit is here to help with balanced
perspectives on forces shaping your industry. Book time with our experts today.


Understanding the Global Petrochemical Industry

Virtual Training Course with renowned industry expert Dr. Jeff Plotkin | Unravel the complex interaction of technology, economics, and markets that drives profitability within the global petrochemical industry.

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The Specialty Chemicals Industry in the COVID-19 era

Gain a deeper understanding of the current impacts to the specialty chemical market, who the winners and losers are and what the future looks like for the specialty chemicals market.

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Specialty Chemical Insights

Your essential tools for assessing business opportunities and building a successful strategy

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What we do

Nearly every industry relies on chemicals for their production processes.

We provide a unique perspective and extensive integrated analysis of the global chemical value chain – from energy, feedstocks and derivatives to end use markets – making us a one stop source for price benchmarks, analytics and advisory services. Market volatility, regulatory pressures, geopolitical risk, shifting end-user demand and other challenges require organizations to develop an even deeper understanding, now more than ever. Our customers rely on IHS Markit insight, data and analysis to make confident investment decisions, optimize product portfolios, innovate successfully and operate more safely and sustainably.

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Chemical Products & Solutions

Company Strategies & Performance

Company Strategies and Performance (CSP) from IHS Markit, helps you to better understand your competitive position so that you can spot threats and opportunities in the market.

Market Analysis, Pricing & Forecasts

One-stop for integrated petrochemical and specialty chemicals data and insights – daily, near-term and long-term outlooks on shifting market trends.

Process Technology

Users rely on our research and interactive modeling tools to provide an independent view of rapidly changing chemical markets.

Circular Plastics and Sustainability

Attain essential insight and analytics for the tactical oversight of your business as well as the reformulation of your company strategy around the transition from linear to circular plastics value chain.

Chemical Consulting

Access unsurpassed cross-industry insight throughout the chemical value chains to support your decision-making.

Strategic Reports

Chemical Strategic Reports from IHS Markit deliver critical and comprehensive analysis of high-profile topics in areas of key interest to the global chemical industry, such as petrochemical feedstocks.

Chemical Industry News & Analysis

An unbiased and credible resource for forward-thinking news and analysis of the global chemical industry.

Chemical Conferences & Training

A regularly updated schedule of training opportunities and events to gain critical market insight and knowledge.

Engineering Intelligence Solutions

Connect advanced technologies and trusted technical knowledge to your complex chemical and process engineering workflows.

Upcoming Energy & ESG Course

What's next for ESG and how to prepare? Sign up before Sep 22 and get an early bird discount!


Raul Arias Alvarez

In his advisory role, Mr. Arias Alvarez works with leading actors of the petrochemical and plastics industries to help them gain a better un

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Eddie Kok

Eddie has more than 20 years of experience in the chemical industry, holding broad responsibilities including regional sales, marketing, bus

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Duncan Clark

Mr. Clark joined IHS Markit in 2013 and his current role in IHS Markit is as Vice President for Aromatics and Fibers. As a key resource with

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Acrylonitrile & Derivatives Webinar

15 Apr 2021 Global

The outlook for the acrylonitrile and its derivatives in a post-COVID-19 landscape.

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25 Oct 2021 Global

For 2021, the Global Plastics Summit (GPS) will be combined with the Polyethylene-Polypropylene Chain Global Technology & Business Forum (PEPP), featuring expert insight - from upstream business reviews to downstream technical applications and end-user trends.

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