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Aerospace & Defense

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Who we are

Critical insights, information and knowledge to accelerate problem solving

IHS Markit solutions for the full aerospace and defense supply chain utilize cutting-edge technologies to deliver an unmatched combination of information, analytics, expertise and technical knowledge.

Our country risk evaluations and sourcing expertise combined with access to our team of analysts allows professionals in the aerospace and defense industry to weight the impacts of various risks on markets and partners. Briefings, scenarios, and analysis by our team of country experts enable you to understand key risks and quantify impacts on the business environment. We help you to evaluate market entry opportunities and risks with detailed coverage of political, operational, security and economic risk factors.

Our artificial intelligence (AI) technologies connect trusted knowledge to aerospace and defense customers’ workflows – increasing efficiency, accelerating innovation, assuring compliance and mitigating risk. The world leader in standards management, electronic parts management and defense parts & logistics, we help engineers, quality, safety and operations professionals surface answers from the vast universe of technical knowledge, both inside and outside the organization.

Industry leaders, emerging technology companies and suppliers rely on IHS Markit to identify opportunities, accelerate innovation, anticipate changing market dynamics, improve engineering productivity and make better informed decisions.

Aerospace & Defense Products & Solution

Country Risk

Anticipate and quantify critical business and security risks that might adversely impact your personnel, interests, and assets – anywhere in the world.

Engineering Intelligence for Aerospace & Defense

Connect advanced technologies and trusted technical knowledge to your critical automotive workflows in product design and parts management.

Defense Parts & Logistics

Gain insights from the leading defense parts and government logistics management system with single-source access to most current pricing, technical and availability data on 190+ million part references across 70+ databases.

Corporate Security

Foresight Security Planning Service delivers the intelligence needed to make the right operational and strategic decisions about personnel and assets.

Electronic Parts Intelligence

Tap into component pricing, stock availability, predictive lifecycle, compliance, counterfeit risk, and reusability information on more than 650 million parts to avoid lifecycle, supply-chain and environmental compliance risks.

Procurement & Sourcing

Cut spending, assess your buying performance, favorably negotiate purchase contracts and source with confidence.

Country Security Risk Consulting

Informed strategy design/implementation for security risk management – supply chain risk, integrity, due diligence and threat assessments.

Engineering Design Methods

The Engineering Sciences Data Unit (ESDU) provides reliable validated engineering design data, methods and software used by engineers and designers.

Foresight Mapping Capabilities

Map and quantify risk for precise locations of personnel, properties, clients, suppliers, and transportation routes with location-specific risk scores for every 500 x 500 meters.

When your success depends on it, choose trusted advisers that you can rely on for decision-making support, market insights and data-driven analysis.

Hire industry-leading consultants by the hour. Get the objective, authoritative analysis you need without delays.

Industry Success Stories


NASA leverages Goldfire to improve access to critical data across many locations, departments and engineers

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) research centers and test facilities create hundreds of millions of documents and reports every year. By implementing a platform for technical knowledge discovery, the agency has gained quick access to relevant information and reduced time spent researching specific project data results from days to hours.

Airbus Defence & Space

Airbus Defence & Space accelerates launcher research by up to 30% in a more and more competitive landscape

To expand its international business, global market forecasters for Europe’s top defense and space enterprise strengthened planning for prioritized countries, supported decisions to refocus resources, highlighted new opportunities that were not in operational plans, and developed formulas to generate updates/analyses within just one day.


Trimble ensures supply chain continuity for tens of thousands of electronic components

This provider of location-based GPS and cellular technologies reducing delivery time of RoHS and REACH documentation from weeks to under 2 days – an 86% increase in efficiency.

Reinventing the Aircraft & Ship

A multiclient study exploring the future of aviation and shipping – both high-growth, oil-thirsty sectors that are increasingly attracting the gaze of policymakers.

Resources & Quick Links

Engineering Intelligence: Trends, Insights and Innovation

Track new developments and anticipate future trends in engineering intelligence and product design.

Celebrating 60+ years

Information Handling Services, now IHS Markit, was founded to provide time-saving databases on microfilm for aerospace engineers.

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