Eddie Kok

Senior Director, Chlor-Alkali & Vinyls, IHS Markit

Mr. Eddie Kok is the director of Chlor-alkali & Vinyls Studies at IHS Markit.
He has over 20 years of experience in the chemical industry, holding various responsibilities including regional sales, marketing, business development and product management. Mr. Kok covers all chlor-alkali and related products with a primary focus on the Asian regions. He is responsible for the China Chlor-alkali Market Report (CCMR) which covers the dynamic China market for chlorine, caustic soda and PVC where covers prices, trade dynamics, quarterly supply/demand, analysis of the chlor-alkali and acetylene-based PVC economics, margins and cash costs. Mr. Kok contributes to several other CMAI Market Advisory Services, most notably the Global Chlor-Alkali Market Report, World Vinyls Analysis and the World Chlor-Alkali Analysis. Mr. Kok began his career in the chemical industry with CCM Chemicals, a manufacturing and chemicals trading company in Malaysia where he was promoted to a regional product manager role in 2000. Mr. Kok joined Chemical Market Associates, Inc. (CMAI) in 2004 as a consultant. He has experience in sales and production planning for a 40,000 ECU ton chlor-alkali facility in Pasir Gudang, Malaysia and was involved with the preliminary project evaluation for an integrated chlor-alkali and vinyls complex also in Malaysia.  Mr. Kok was responsible for developing business plans and strategic marketing efforts for a Malaysia based caustic micro pearls business. Mr. Kok received his Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Campbell University, North Carolina, US.​ ​
  • Chemicals
  • Feasibility Analysis
  • Market Analysis
  • Supply/Demand Data
  • Trade Data

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