Paul Burton

Director, Aerospace, Defense & Security, Jane’s by IHS Markit

Mr. Paul Burton serves as director of aerospace, defense and security content for Jane’s.
Mr. Burton is responsible for managing a team of global defense analysts at Jane’s by IHS Markit, formerly IHS. He specializes in defense industry offset and budget trends and provides business development support in Asia – briefing regional government agencies and defense companies on key strategic trends and market developments. Mr. Burton regularly has provided commentary and analysis for global media outlets. Previously, he worked in research and management roles at BAE Systems, Jane’s Information Group and the United Kingdom Parliament, where he gained more than 15 years of defense and security sector experience. Mr. Burton has supported government defense procurement agencies, including policy formulation around defense offsets, creation of leaner procurement frameworks and market scoping analysis. He has also led projects for economic ministries that helped to craft a viable export strategy for elements of their national defense base and conducted numerous market entry studies for defense primes looking to expand their regional footprints. Mr. Burton’s university degrees include a Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) Politics from the University of Portsmouth, England, and a Master of Arts in US Studies from the School of the Americas, University of London, UK, where he focused on foreign policy.
  • Aerospace, Defense & Security
  • Military/Security Government
  • National Government
  • Budgets
  • Commodity price forecast
  • Country risk
  • Industry monitoring & trends
  • Procurement
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