Alexia Ash

Senior Consultant, Economics and Country Risk, IHS Markit

Ms. Alexia Ash is a senior consultant for the Country Risk service at IHS Markit.
Ms. Ash is responsible for projects that incorporate country risk and quantitative inputs, especially those that take qualitative analytical inputs and turn them into quantitative outputs. She is experienced at using methods including risk indexing, stochastic processes, Bayesian modeling, and regression analysis. Ms. Ash has worked on client projects that include bespoke risk indexes; probability modeling of violent risks; and bespoke dashboards. She has given many presentations on behalf of IHS Markit's Country Risk service, particularly on risk methodology and quantification. She has also given guest lectures at the University of Florida. She has appeared in written and broadcast media on topics including political and violent risks in North America as well as global economic risks. She previously worked at Delta Air Lines as an International Network Planning analyst, also on building databases at USAID and the World Bank. Ms. Alexia Ash has bachelor's degrees in Mathematics and Political Science from the University of Florida, and a Master of Science in Global Political Economy from the London School of Economics (LSE) UK.
  • Insurance
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