Technology Advances and Innovation Pioneers Showcase

Tuesday, March 15
8:15 am – 5:00 pm

Only two years ago, technology developments focused on enabling non-oil-based feedstocks in the chemical technology, but with oil prices plummeting, the industry is “back-to-the future” with the long-term possibility of naphtha-based feedstocks becoming competitive. So once again, chemistry and engineering are being called upon to enable companies to be competitive in this changing feedstock world.

This full-day program will showcase a variety of innovations in chemistry, bio-science, and engineering for the production chemicals — all of which are advancing commercial competitiveness and sustainability to allow stakeholders to compete more effectively in a capital-constrained and a risk-averse business environment.

We will answer key questions:

  • How are mature chemical and bio industry leaders as well as independent technology companies managing and implementing technology advances?
  • What the implications of these innovations?
  • Where are the opportunities and barriers to innovations in today’s low-cost energy environment?

This year’s Technology Showcase program will include:

  • Fortune 500 chemical and life science operating companies
  • Catalyst and engineering companies
  • Independent technology companies

What delegates will receive:

  • Networking opportunities including breakfast, lunch, breaks, and Welcome Reception
  • Link to electronic presentations

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

  • 7:30 am
    • 7:30 amRegistration/Breakfast
    • 8:15 amWelcome Remarks

      Don Bari, Vice President, Chemicals Technology & Analytics, IHS Chemical
      Jeffrey S. Plotkin, Ph.D., Vice President of Training & Education, IHS Chemical

    • 8:30 amKeynote: Chemical Industry Dynamics and the Implications for Innovation and Technology Development

      Bob Maughon, Ph.D., Vice President, R&D Performance Plastics and Hydrocarbons, The Dow Chemical Company

      Shale gas made the USGC petrochemical industry euphoric due to the resulting feedstock advantage. Euphoria has given way to the hard work of completing the announced projects. As plants start-up, the global industry has been buoyed by the drop in oil prices. Sustainability still looms large, but is no longer synonymous with renewable feedstocks. It is a time of unprecedented change in our industry and uncertainty will continue going forward. The past is the best indicator of the future. Educated guesses about future technology will be described.

    • 9:15 amDirect Crude-Oil Cracking to Ethylene: An Advantageous Technology?

      Anthony Pavone, Director of Technology, IHS Chemical

    • 9:45 amHeat-Generating Material – A Breakthrough Innovation for CATOFIN® Propane Dehydrogenation

      Lorena Oviol, Global Product Manager for Dehydrogenation Catalysts, Clariant Business Unit Catalysts

      The increasing demand for propylene paves the way for alternative processes using non-petroleum sources. Heat Generating Material (HGM), a recent innovation in the CATOFIN® Technology, enables higher on-purpose propylene production based on propane as feedstock – at lower investment and operating costs. The technology is suitable for production capacities of up to 850,000 tons per year in a single train.

    • 10:15 amGroup Q&A

      Moderator: Jeffrey S. Plotkin, Ph.D., Vice President of Training & Education, IHS Chemical

    • 10:30 amBREAK
    • 11:00 amTechnology Developments in On-Purpose Lower Linear Alpha-Olefins Production

      Daniel-Jean Vinel, Technologist Olefins & Alternative Fuels Business Line Process Licensing Business Unit, Axens

    • 11:30 amAdvanced Natural Gas via Methanol-to-Chemicals and Fuel Technology & Applications

      Dr. Kezhi Lin, Director, Sinopec Engineering Group (SEG)

      Sinopec Engineering Group (SEG) is a subsidiary of SINOPEC and listed in Hongkong in 2013. SEG, cooperated with partners, has developed the advanced MTO (methanol to Olefin), MTG (fluidized methanol to gasoline) and MTX (methanol to Xylene) technologies. And in which MTO has been commercialized in 2010.

    • 12:00 pmModular Construction for Petrochemicals - “A Utopia just beyond the horizon?”

      Richard Charlesworth, Ph.D., Managing Director of Consulting, IHS Chemical

    • 12:30 pmGroup Q&A

      Moderator: Jeffrey S. Plotkin, Ph.D; Vice President of Training & Education, IHS Chemical

    • 12:45 pmLunch
    • 1:45 pmChemurgy: Progress in Renewable Chemicals

      Paul D. Bloom, Ph.D., Vice President, Process and Chemical Research, Archer Daniels Midland Co.

      The chemical industry has undergone significant change in the past two decades. These changes, along with interest in sustainable technology options, has created new opportunities for producing chemicals from renewable resources. While many consider the production of renewable, biobased chemicals a new field, the foundations of Chemurgy have a rich history. Since the company was founded in 1902, Archer Daniels Midland has made a strong commitment to the development of new technologies and industrial products from agricultural resources. ADM’s initiatives in renewable chemicals continue to leverage ADM’s strength as a diversified agricultural commodity company. This integrated core model includes sourcing, transporting, processing, transforming, distribution, marketing and sales. A perspective on challenges and opportunities in the field of Chemurgy including examples of direct chemical replacement initiatives and bio-advantaged molecules will be discussed.

    • 2:15 pmHarnessing Biotechnology to Address Feedstock Volatility and Sustainability

      Cameron Hibbert, Vice President, Licensing, Genomatica

      Bioengineering is increasingly proving its ability to address chemical industry challenges. In this session, we’ll highlight how and where biotech fits, with a focus on economics and how to evaluate issues in a volatile energy market. Key topics include enabling feedstock optionality; economical deployment of right-sized plants to better meet regional demand and enable vertical integration; opportunities for differentiation through greater sustainability; simplifying plant construction, costs, maintenance, and enhancing safety; and offering the opportunity to up-value C1 feedstocks.

    • 2:45 pmTechnology Innovation & Development in a Volatile Industry Environment

      Patrick Rooney, Manager-Strategy, Saudi Aramco

      The presentation is about the cyclical nature of the chemicals industry and some of the steps our company – Saudi Aramco – has made to manage innovation given our relative recent entry into the chemicals space. Several examples of technology based investment that the company has undertaken will be discussed and an outline of “what have we learned” will be offered.

    • 3:15 pmBREAK
    • 3:30 pmResearching "Hot" Topics in the Petrochemical Industry

      Michelle Lynch, PhD., Senior Consultant, IHS Chemical

    • 4:00 pmThe 100% Bio-Based Replacement for PET!

      Don Bari, Vice President, Chemicals Technology & Analytics, IHS Chemical

    • 4:30 pmGroup Q&A

      Moderator: Jeffrey S. Plotkin, Ph.D, Vice President of Training & Education, IHS Chemical

    • 5:00 pmClosing Remarks