World Soda Ash 2016

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Andrei Alabin

CEO, Bashkhim Trade House

Chuck Carr

Global Business Director - Inorganics, Chemical Market Services, IHS Markit

Chaoran Ding

President, China Soda Industry Association (CSIA)

Chris Holmes

Managing Director, Global Gas & LNG Consulting, Energy, IHS Markit

Ryan Monis

Consultant, IHS Markit

Veronique Toscan-Moore

Sales and Marketing Director, NOVOCARB

Marguerite Morrin

Senior Director – Chlor-alkali/Soda Ash, IHS Markit

Mingqiu Ren

General Manager, Senior Engineer, Dalian Dahua Engineering Design Co., Ltd

Fabrice Rivet

Director - Environment, Health and Safety, FEVE

Jacek Rożek

Sales and Marketing Director, PHU Weglohut SJ

Andrew Swanson

Independent consultant, formerly with IHS Chemical

Shohab Rais

Head Sales & Marketing, Tata Chemicals

Stefan Schlag, Ph.D.

Senior Director, Inorganic Chemicals, Minerals, Mining Chemicals, IHS Markit

Sinan Solaklar

Vice President of Glass and Chemical Group, Ciner
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