Adding Value to Hydrocarbons – From Wellhead to Walmart

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New, 3-day public training course from IHS Markit: “Adding Value to Hydrocarbons – From Wellhead to Walmart”

This new three day training course provides a concise but fairly detailed description of how the energy and petrochemical businesses add value to hydrocarbon resources as we move down their respective value chains. The course begins with a thorough discussion of hydrocarbon feedstocks, then reviews the technology and economics of key refining processes, finally moving into petrochemical building block molecules, olefins and aromatics, and then into large volume polymers and plastics.

Day 1 covers Petrochemical Feedstocks. This 3-day course begins with a deep dive into key hydrocarbon feedstocks naphtha and the Natural Gas Liquids (NGLs) ethane, propane and butanes. Topics included in Day include feedstock terminology, sources, supply/demand/trade, pricing and valuation issues. In addition, alternative feedstocks (coal, renewables, natural gas) and disruptive technologies will be assessed. This first day is intended to set the stage for the ensuing discussions on refining and petrochemicals.

Day 2 covers Refining Fundamentals and Economics. The course continues with the fundamentals of refining technology and refining economics, including crude oils, refined products, refinery margin calculations, refining operations, refining configurations and complexity, trade and transport and industry trends. Refinery and petrochemical integration opportunities will also be covered.

Day 3 covers Petrochemical Industry Fundamentals. The course conclude with a discussion of how the petrochemical industry adds value to hydrocarbons via production of the key petrochemical building blocks – olefins (ethylene, propylene, butadiene) and aromatics (benzene, toluene, xylenes). Finally, conversion of these building block molecules into the large volume thermoplastics including polyethylene (LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE), polypropylene, PVC, polystyrene and polyester/PET are presented. In addition, C1-based chemicals synthesis gas (syngas), ammonia and methanol are covered as well.

Each day builds on the previous day’s knowledge so the attendee achieves a full appreciation of how value is added to hydrocarbons as we move down energy and petrochemical value chains. In other words as we move from “Wellhead to Walmart”. This course is designed to be of interest to energy industry workers wishing for a concise introduction to the petrochemical industry as well as for petrochemical industry personnel wishing for a broader understanding of how the hydrocarbon markets and the refining industry support the polymer and plastics businesses. It is anticipated that attendees will represent a wide range of job functions and industries.

CPE Credits Available. For questions or more information, please contact us.

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