US Macroeconomic and Regional Outlook Member Webcast: A Post-Election Outlook for the US Economy and Regional Implications

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IHS is presenting the US Macroeconomic and Regional Outlook Member Webcast on November 17, 2016.

The US election has been one the biggest sources of uncertainty for the US economic outlook. With the election done, there will be more clarity about what policies the next president will put in place.

Join us on Thursday, 17th November at 11:00 am EST, for a one-hour webcast in which we will look at the expected policy changes in the next few years, as well as assess their likely economic impacts.

Key topics

  • US policy perspective and regional implications
  • Outlooks for 2017:
    • Consumer markets and risks
    • Capital spending
    • Housing
    • Trade
    • State and metro
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