IHS Markit Touch Gesture Motion and Emerging Displays Technologies 2015

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For the past 6 years, IHS Markit has produced a series of Touch Gesture Motion conferences and for the past 7 years, DisplaySearch has produced the Emerging Display Technologies Conference.

The Touch Gesture Motion and Emerging Display Technologies 2015 will bring together the content of these two popular events into a two-day insight-packed discussion and networking event with executives from around the world. It is a popular platform for innovators, product developers, manufacturers, and leading brands to discuss aggressive market growth strategies.

Key components of the conference will be:

Touch manufacturing and supply chain issues to be covered:

  • Supply Base
  • Sensor Structure
  • Cost Estimates
  • Materials (ITO, Metal Mesh, Silver Nanowire, Silver nanoparticle, Conductive Polymer, Carbon Nanotube, Graphene, and Cover glass)
  • Controller ICs

User interface technologies to be discussed:

  • Gesture
  • Voice
  • Feedback Technologies

Emerging display technology topics:

  • Advances in high performance display manufacturing
  • Flexible display manufacturing and market outlook
  • Continuous improvement and the long awaited ramp of AMOLEDs
  • High quality barriers enable flexible AMOLED and quantum dot adoption
  • How advances in process equipment drive new display technologies
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