The Aftermath – Will M&A or Exploration Lead the Next Expansion?

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Friday, Oct 28, 2016

    • 1:00 pm受付 | Registration
    • 1:30 pm開会のご挨拶 | Welcome Address
    • 1:40 pmThoughts on the Current State of the Global Upstream M&A Markets

      Dan will discuss the international upstream M&A, why 2016 so far has seen very little volume compared to years past, he will examine the reasons behind the sluggish market and speculate what might revive the market. In his talk he will examine the focus of much of the upstream M&A deals in 2016 and its participants, the surprisingly strong investments by private equity groups and financial investors. Dan will examine the historically unprecedented supply of upstream properties currently on the market and the impact low oil prices is having on Upstream capital strategies going forward.



      Speaker: Dan Pratt, Vice President, Upstream

    • 2:10 pmReview of Current E&P Activity in the Middle East Emerging Opportunities and Significant Plays

      This presentation aims to give an overview of the trends and drivers influencing E&P activity in the Middle East Region. It will highlight the numerous factors at play including oil price, conflicts and sanctions. Whilst it is often regarded as a region focused on development, exploration opportunities do still exist in many countries and these will be discussed on a country-by-country basis.



      Speaker: Sarah Haggas, Regional Director - Middle East

    • 2:40 pm質疑応答 | Q and A
    • 2:50 pm休憩 | Refreshment Break
    • 3:10 pmAgainst the Trend: Russian Companies Increase E&P Investment and Look for Partners

      The presentation provides brief overviews of all major petroleum provinces of Russia including remaining 3P reserves and undiscovered hydrocarbon potential. Also, it demonstrates how major midstream projects in Siberia are boosting E&P activities. The presentation shows that the major portion of oil and gas reserves was discovered and appraised during the Soviet times and Russian companies are using the opportunity to monetize it during the low-price environment, benefiting from the local currency de-evaluation and reduced service cost. Western sanctions opened a window of opportunity for Asian companies to join any types of projects in Russia including upstream, midstream and downstream. Diversification of gas markets, exclusively Europe-oriented for almost 50 years, is the current strategy of the Russian Government and the presentation shows reserve base for Asia-directed gas pipelines and LNG projects. In addition, the presentation includes a brief overview of E&P activities in the Caspian region.

      逆張り: ロシア企業はE&P投資を増やし、パートナーを求めている


      Speaker: Victor Myakishev, Director, Energy Technical Research, CIS

    • 3:40 pmNorth America - What’s Next

      The unconventional plays in North America have entered into a new phase accelerated by the drop in oil and gas prices. With the exception of the Permian and the Utica , the major plays are now entering a more mature phase focused on harvesting the resources. As this plays out the focus will be on maintaining and growing margins through technology and efficiency as well as increasing the recovery factor. Additionally operators will be jockeying for roles as market makers rather than basin masters. Naturally this will lead to consolidation. This talk will look at the outlook at several of the big plays – who is best positioned as well as the role of consolidation and M&A as well as possible exports like LNG will play.



      Speaker: Bob Fryklund, Chief Upstream Strategist, IHS Energy

    • 4:20 pm質疑応答 | Q and A
    • 4:30 pm閉会のご挨拶 | Closing Remarks
    • 4:35 pm懇親会 | Networking Reception

*Agenda is subject to change without prior notice

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