The Acrylonitrile & Derivatives Conference 2015

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IHS presents The Acrylonitrile & Derivatives Conference on November 5-6, 2015 in Singapore.

IHS, the world leader in market intelligence and expertise, will hold The Acrylonitrile & Derivatives Conference 2015 in Singapore on November 5-6, 2015.

Unlike other fiber intermediates, acrylonitrile goes into multiple derivatives, all of which have their own supply/demand balances. In order to understand the demand for acrylonitrile, it is important to look at the full range of derivatives. The 2015 conference offers a combination of industry and IHS presentations and gives delegates an opportunity to network over a day and a half.

Topics to be covered include:

  • The economy and its impact on chemical markets
  • Energy and feedstocks
  • Acrylic, nylon, and carbon fibers
  • Propylene and ammonia
  • Acrylonitrile market developments
  • Nitrile rubber
  • ABS and SAN
  • Polyester market outlook

Who should attend?

If you are a trader, distributor, analyst, strategic planner, producer, purchaser, or perform similar functions in acrylonitriles, you need to attend.

For more information, contact:

Peck Sim, Global Events Producer, IHS Chemical
Phone: +1 212 884 9526
Toll free in US: +1 877 413 5187

Lynn Urban, Sales Manager, Events - IHS
Phone: +1 303 397 2801
Toll free in US: +1 877 413 5187

In the Asia-Pacific region:
Joann Chinn, Director Asia-Pacific Marketing
Phone: +65 6439 6027

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