2016 IHS Markit Taiwan Display Conference | 2016 IHS Markit 台灣顯示產業研討會

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成為IHS 研討會贊助商,您會獲得更多的機會推廣產品,提升品牌知名度。歷年來,我們舉辦的研討會無論從講師陣容與參會者兼具了國際化與專業化特色,海內外領導廠商、專家及中高階主管齊聚一堂 ,這無疑也是您耕耘產業人脈拓展商機的絕佳平台。有意者,請聯繫蔣小姐。


Sponsorship Opportunities

There are numerous opportunities to raise your company's profile and build brand awareness by sponsoring events and conference promo items. Year after year, over 85% of attendees rate IHS conferences as Good or Excellent. Associate your company's name with one of the most respected names in the display industry.

For more information, contact:
Queenie Jiang
Ph: +86-21-2422-9126

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