2016 IHS Markit Taiwan Display Conference | 2016 IHS Markit 台灣顯示產業研討會

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Registration | 報名方式

Registration Fees:

Early Bird Before April 18th
Full Rate After
April 18th

Event Fee Qualifiers

  1. 參加費用包含當天會議及資料 (講義與USB)、茶會、午餐及貴賓晚宴。
  2. 所有參會者需於2016年4月25日前(含)完成付款或者請提供付款憑證,以便於會前確認參會資格。
  1. Registration Price - All session, meals and proceedings are included.
  2. All attendees need to pay the registration fee by April 25, 2016.

Additional Information


1. 銀行電匯:

收款銀行:美國銀行 台北分行
戶  名:台灣埃士信全球有限公司

2. 信用卡:


1. T/T Remittance:

Receiver: IHS Global Taiwan Limited
Bank Details: Bank of America, Taipei Branch
Beneficiary Bank Address: 43F, No. 7, Xin Yi Road, Sec. 5, Taipei, Taiwan
Swift Code: BOFATW2X
Beneficiary Account Number: 35318-034

2. Credit Card:

Please choose 'Credit Card' payment when you register online, fill in the information and submit.

備註 | Notes:

  • 匯款請匯入足額,匯費、手續費請自行吸收。
  • 匯款人請加註報名者姓名及單位名稱,以方面確認付款訊息。
  • 選擇“銀行電匯”的客戶支付台幣,IHS將根據您報名當天匯率,在您完成線上報名后郵件通知您需電匯的台幣金額。
  • 選擇“信用卡付款”的客戶支付美金,我們將依據您填寫的信用卡信息扣除相應美元金額。
  • 統一發票會於收到付款后開立并郵寄給您;若需事先開立發票,請提前告知處理。
  • All charges due to bank transfers have to be paid by the registrant
  • Collective remittances must be accompanied by a list of names and details of payment for each person
  • Bank Transfer will pay in TWD, IHS will inform you the TWD amount by email according to the real-time exchange rate after you finish online registration
  • Credit Card will pay in USD
  • Invoice will be delivered to you after receiving your payment, if you need invoice before payment please contact us in advance
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