2016 IHS Markit Taiwan Display Conference | 2016 IHS Markit 台灣顯示產業研討會

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韓國的威脅, 中國的崛起, 尋找新應用 -- 面板產業的機會與挑戰

全球最具權威的平面顯示器研究機構DisplaySearch 自2015年起已並入全球最大的研究機構之一的IHS集團,整合 IHS集團在科技領域的研究,將為平板顯示器研究帶來更多綜效。

面對韓國的威脅, 中國大陸的崛起, 加上供需循環的低迷, 以及新應用的蓬勃發展, 台灣的面板產業以及供應鏈正面臨新的機會與挑戰。

專注于FPD市場研究與分析的IHS 于2016年4月26日至27日兩天于台北舉辦IHS 台灣顯示產業研討會,除了IHS 各領域的分析師發表最新研究,也邀請來自顯示器制造領導廠商、材料零組件供應商、電視制造商、新興顯示器技術開發廠商等世界各地的市場與領域專家來發表,並針對目前大家所關心的新應用與新策略的議題,特地開辟不同的專題做深度討論。

持續躍進的智能手持與穿戴裝置, 高解析度面板技術, 更大尺寸的液晶電視, 面臨劇變的觸控整合以及掘起的大陸面板生態鏈, 這些都是目前平面顯示器與相關産業最關心的主題。同時、穿戴式顯示器以及Flexible Display也即將掀起一波新浪潮,改變智能行動裝置的革命性的柔性顯示技術也正展露頭角。平板電視在邁向大尺寸的同時, 4Kx2K高解析度, 智能互動, 曲面、HDR以及量子點技術等高色彩飽和度等規格也逐漸盛行。為了滿足消費者追求便利與科技的欲望,也同時為了追求更明顯的差異化以及更有效率的生産方式,各廠商在産品技術上的角逐戰持續上演,刺激FPD産業走向一個新時代。降低成本只是基本條件,如何在衆多産品中嶄露頭角,將會是顯示器未來最重要的一環。而無論是任何電子産品都擺脫不了平面以及更畫質的顯示器!

2016 IHS台灣顯示產業研討會中,韓國的威脅, 中國大陸的崛起, 供需循環的低迷, 以及新應用的蓬勃發展將會是此次會議的重點議題;每一年,IHS DisplaySearch結合了産業界舉辦的顯示產業研討會,不僅均有高達200名以上的衆多人數參加,更以參加人員的國籍別、産業別以及發表演講公司之多元性及訊息之豐富性而著稱。本次會議,不僅有各個領域表現優異公司的發表內容,更有豐富的第一手訊息以及專業的意見與分析,更是一個擴展人脈以及擴充産業知識,聆聽不同看法、構思策略的絕佳場合,是您絕對不能錯過的年度盛會!

South Korea's threat, the Rise of China, Finding new applications - Panel Industry’s Opportunities and Challenges

From 2015, the most well-known FPD research company DisplaySearch has been merged into the IHS Technology, one of the biggest research organizations in the world. With the strong coverage on IHS Technology researches, the new IHS DisplaySearch will provide the best synergy for the flat panel display researches. Smart handheld and wearable devices continue to leap , high resolution panel technology , larger size LCD TVs, facing upheaval touch panel integration and the rise of the China , these are currently the key subjects of FPD and related industries are most concerned about.

Faced with the threat of Korea, the rise of mainland China, plus the sluggish supply and demand cycles, and the vigorous development of new applications, Taiwan's panel industry and supply chain are facing new opportunities and challenges.

Focus on the FPD market research and analysis, on April 26 to 27, 2016, IHS hold the IHS Taiwan Display Conference. In addition to IHS analyst released the latest research in various fields , we have invited from the FPD manufacturers , market experts material and component suppliers , TV manufacturers , vendors and emerging display technology developers around the world to post and perspectives of the current issues.

With the touch of hot product consumption driven amazing strength , from smart phones to tablet computers, smart modern portable terminal products become more diverse , and even wearable displays and Flexible Display is also about to set off a wave of new paradigm. Meanwhile, on the TV side, larger size, 4Kx2K high resolution, smart interaction , high color saturation , curved form factor are the rising points. To meet the customers demand for convenience and technology , and also to pursue the more distinct differentiation as well as more efficient production , the manufacturers in product technology race staged war continued , stimulating the FPD industry toward a new era. Most importantly, the display is the most critical factor to drive the evolution of the devices.

In 2016 IHS Taiwan Display Conference, South Korea's threat, the Rise of China, the sluggish supply and demand cycles, and the vigorous development of new applications will be the key topics of the conference. Every year, IHS DisplaySearch gathers more than 200 attendees. It’s a great chance to get the abundant first-hand information, professional advice and analysis, it is also an extension and expansion of a network of industry knowledge, listen to different views. This is absolutely an event you cannot miss!

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