SPAB 2016

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Sunday, Jan 31, 2016

    • 11:00 amSunday Event
    • 2:00 pmHospitality Suite
    • 6:00 pmEvening Welcome Reception

Monday, Feb 01, 2016

    • 8:30 amConference Day 1

      Session I Kickoff
      Opening Remarks; Attendee Introductions & Agenda Overview
      John Pace, Vice President, Publications & Marketing, ASTM International and 2016 SPAB Chairperson
      Anurag Gupta, Executive Vice President, Consolidated Markets & Solutions IHS Markit Global Inc.

      Greg Saunders
      Director of the Defense Standardization Program Office (DSPO),
      United States Department of Defense (DoD)
      DOD is one of the leading producers and users of both military and commercial standards, and is quickly converting its data into next generation formats to meet the needs of its users. Greg will provide an update on this initiative, and share his views on the next-generation needs impacting his user community.

      Session II Looking In from the Outside - The Present and Future of Standards
      Organizations with traditional solutions & tools are attempting to address technology and new needs, and the views and needs from the industry viewpoint

      Interoperability and What That Means to All: A Common Approach to Next Generation Data Formats
      Bruce Rosenblum, CEO, Inera, Inc. and Chair of National Information Standards Organization (NISO) working group on Standard Tag Set (STS)
      Joined by:
      Lesley West, Director of Product Development, ASTM International
      Robert Wheeler, Director of Publishing Technology, ASME and Co-Chair of NISO working group on STS

      Changes in Manufacturing & Workflow & Need, and Impact on Resulting Standards Use - The Changing World from the Customer Perspective
      Paul Gill, Manager, Technical Standards Program, NASA
      Trish Calvo, EMEPS Advisor, ExxonMobil Development Company
      Christina Krawczyk, Information Portfolio Manager, Honeywell UOP
      Prakash Ramdoss, Director, CB&I

      Session III The IHS Markit Perspective: A Partner's View of the Market
      Chad Hawkinson, Senior Vice President, Product Design, IHS Markit Global Inc.

      Session IV "Cracker Barrel"
      Working Sessions on the top concerns facing the standards community and the future of the standards business including trends and needs
      Session Leader: Guilaine Fournet, Head of Sales and Business Development, International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC)

      Mid-Tier SDO Perspective (US primary focus)
      NSB Perspective (national focus)
      Larger SDO Perspective (global primary)

      Meeting participants will be divided into three working groups for the purpose of discussing issues of concern and focus that are influencing mid and long term planning; and, the impact on sales, strategy and investment (be it government, legal, standards committees/membership, technology, Open Access or other issues, etc.). Then develop a 5-6 minute presentation that will be discussed in the larger group session the next day).

Tuesday, Feb 02, 2016

    • 8:00 amConference Day 2

      Session V Presentations from the Working Sessions
      Session Leader: Guilaine Fournet
      Reports from Team (1, 2 & 3) Moderators;
      Discussion and Q&A.

      Session VI Market Watch
      Jo McShea, Director & Senior Consultant, Outsell, Inc.
      Update on the current market trends regarding information, content strategy, and use. Plus, what has changed since the last survey study, and what trends these changes will expose in the next study results.

      Session VII - Global Economic Update
      Dr. Nariman Behravesh, Chief Economist of IHS Markit Global, Inc.
      Responsible for developing the economic outlook and risk analysis for the United States, Europe, Japan, China and emerging markets. He is a featured speaker at many of the top global conferences CERA Week and the World Economic Forum in Davos.

      Session VIII Intellectual Property & Copyright: Policy and Protection Ongoing Challenges and Lessons Learned from the Standards Community
      Nicolas Fleury, Director of Marketing, Communication and Information, International Standards Organization (ISO)
      Frank Pepe, Director of Product Marketing, IEEE

      New Strategies in Digital Rights Management from a Traditional Solutions Provider
      Sanford Bingham, CEO, FileOpen Systems, Inc.

      A Unique New Approach to the IPR Issue
      Andrew Pitts, Managing Director, Publishers Solutions International

      Other Global Threats and Copyright Permissions in the "After Sales Marketplace"
      Miles McNamee, Vice President, Business Development
      Matt Pederson, Senior Manager Shareholder Rights from Copyright Clearance Center

      Session IX Technology Advances – The Next Generation of the WEB and New Challenges Influencing Publishing - Rupert Hopkins (XSB)
      XML, Discovery, Semantics, Data Mining, and more…How advances in technology are changing the way content is developed, managed, delivered and consumed. The concept of SWISS and how it addresses the Standards as Data issues

      SPAB Business Meeting
      All Attendees
      Transition to new SPAB Chair

      Closing Remarks and SPAB Wrap Up
      John Pace, Vice President, Publications & Marketing, ASTM International
      Chad Hawkinson, Senior Vice President, Product Design, IHS Markit Global Inc.
      Takeaways and Action Items

      Adjourn Business Meeting

      SPAB Closing Dinner Function

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