Energy South African Coal Exports Conference 2016

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The 2016 IHS Energy South African Coal Exports Conference 2016: the primary conference and networking event of the South African coal industry

Draft agenda now released, click here.

Covering all of the major topics that dominate the coal and energy sectors in southern Africa, this conference will focus on the growing domestic coal supply imbalance and on the need for re-investment and growth to keep the lights on. It will examine the legal and political issues effecting the development of new coal supplies, as well as the emerging options for small scale miners.

The wider international export markets are generating viable growth for South Africa’s coal exporters. The outlook is promising for deliveries to India, while interesting new markets are opening up, in places like the Middle East and western and eastern African coastal regions. Our conference has lined up international experts to discuss the prospects for South Africa’s exporters in these exciting now arenas.

As an addition to our normal program, we are running a coal insight discussion lunch which will provide delegates with the interactive discussions on a three major topics with experts. This is an opportunity to probe their views in a less formal environment, to listen to the debates on the increasing potential for SA-based Indian imports, on global climate change policies post-Paris, and what the implications are for the coal sector and, finally, on the opportunities and routes that are available to new markets in Asia and Africa.

We look forward to welcoming you to the 11th annual IHS Energy South African Coal Export Conference.

In association with the McCloskey Coal Report

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