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A Changing World Order: Risks, Transitions and Hidden Opportunities – Seminar

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The world is in a state of flux, reeling from currency devaluations, lower than expected manufacturing reports and stock market volatility. Is there an Emerging Markets crisis looming, and what do economic fundamentals tells us about the main drivers of global and regional growth? Can we expect more surprises from the oil and gas sector and which are the industry winners and losers as we move into a new, post-commodity-super-cycle world? Join our award-winning experts for insights that can help you better navigate risks and seize opportunities in Asia and beyond.

Topics covered:

  • What are the possible new emerging scenarios arising from the changes in oil and gas prices?
  • What is the outlook for US economic growth in 2016-17 and what will be the impact of US Fed tightening?
  • Can China stabilize its economy or is a protracted economic downturn looming? Will the Chinese yuan devaluations trigger currency wars?
  • How this period of low prices is affecting the industry, both now and in the future?
  • The IHS outlook for the global oil and gas markets, and what it means for companies in Asia
  • What is the outlook for global commodities and prospects for oil and gas prices over the medium term outlook?
  • Where are the growth hotspots in Asia and the challenges Japanese companies have to navigate to continue driving business success in this tumultuous period?



  • 原油・ガス価格の変化により、どのような新しいシナリオが生まれる可能性があるか。
  • 2016-2017年の米国経済の見通しはどうなるか。FRB の引き締めによりどのような影響があるか。
  • 中国は自国の経済を安定へ導けるか、それとも景気の鈍化が長引くのか。人民元の切り下げは通貨戦争の引き金になるのか。
  • この低価格の期間は、現在そして将来において、業界にどのような影響を及ぼすか。
  • 世界の原油・ガス市場に関するIHSのアウトルックと、それがアジアの企業にとって意味すること。
  • 中期的な世界のコモディティの展望と原油・ガス価格の見通しはどうなるか。
  • アジアにおける成長のホットスポットはどこか。また、日本企業がこの混乱期に事業を成功させ続けるためには、どのような課題を切り抜ける必要があるのか。
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