Asia Pacific Pricing and Purchasing Briefing Series

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精简成本 利润最大化

在当今竞争激烈,通货膨胀温和的环境下,企业必须最大程度地节约成本以抵消市场疲软带来的影响。与同行相比,更有效管理商品预算的采购团队其工作绩效也更加出色。IHS 定价和采购团队将为您提供先进工具,帮助采购人员有效量化供应商的投入成本结构,最大程度地节约成本并实现利润扩张。卓越采购将取决于趋势分析、成本动因量化和机会定位的能力。在本次会议中,我们将探讨如何通过应用市场数据来最大程度地节约成本。


  • 买方市场何时将会结束?:在当今低成本环境下的管理风险
  • 精简成本:了解成本动因,并将洞察应用于供应商谈判中
  • 问答:探索让采购团队担忧的具体成本问题

Streamline costs and maximize profits

In today’s highly competitive but benign inflationary environment, companies must extract maximum cost savings to offset market weakness. The procurement teams that can most effectively manage their commodity spend will outperform their peers. Join IHS experts as we present tools to allow purchasers to effectively quantify suppliers' input cost structures and achieve maximum cost savings and margin expansion. In this session, we'll explore how to apply market data to maximise cost savings.

Key discussion topics:

  • When will the buyers’ market end?: Managing risk in today’s low cost environment
  • Streamlining costs: Understanding cost drivers and applying insights to supplier negotiations
  • Q&A: Explore the specific cost questions that are causing anxiety for your team

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