Petrochemical Industry Fundamentals & Commercial Strategies for Petrochemical Industry, November

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Two 1-Day Courses by IHS Markit, Chemical and Energy Training

Petrochemical Industry Fundamentals

Gain a comprehensive overseas on the industry fundamentals, changing feedstock slates, impact of production of petrochemicals, process technology, market dynamics across the olefins, aromatics and thermoplastic products, profitability drivers – all to help you make better informed business decisions.

Commercial Strategies for Petrochemical Industry

The dynamics of the global petrochemical industry are changing rapidly and in profound ways. There is more volatility in the markets and many industry participants are adjusting towards J.I.T. sales and purchase agreements. This course sets the participants in real-life sales and purchase case studies whereby they will be confronted with cost, pricing, volatility, netback and logistics considerations – and they will be tasked to make decisions in this uncertain environment just like in real life. This is the only course of its kind in the industry that uses real life case studies to highlight key commercial concepts.

Who should attend?

Both courses are designed for technical and non-technical industry participants, new to the industry as well as those who desire a refresher course. Attendees in marketing, sales, procurement, strategic planning, manufacturing, technical and supply chain would benefit from these two courses. It is advised to take the Petrochemical Industry Fundamentals course first, followed by the Commercial Strategies for the Petrochemical Industry, as one course builds on the other.

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