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PEPP 2018: Polyethylene-Polypropylene Chain Global Technology & Business Forum

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Tuesday, 26 June 2018

  • Workshop: Olefins and Polyolefins: Feedstocks, Cost Competitiveness, Market Dynamics, Technologies and Trade
    • 8:00 amRegistration and Welcome Refreshments
    • 8:30 amGeneral Session
    • 12:00 pmLunch
    • 1:00 pmTechnology, Cost Competitiveness, Market Dynamics and Trade
    • 5:00 pmEnd
    • 6:00 pmWelcome Reception

Wednesday, 27 June 2018

  • 7:00 am
    • 7:00 amRegistration, Continental Breakfast and Networking
    • 8:30 amWelcome Remarks

      Lyn Tattum, Vice President, IHS Markit

    • Session 1: Global Feedstock and Polyolefins Review

      Moderator: Lyn Tattum, Vice President, IHS Markit

    • 8:35 amEnergy and Feedstocks: The Next Chapter?

      Matthew Thoelke, Senior Director, Olefins and Derivatives, EMEA, IHS Markit

      Recent volatility in oil markets and the resulting pressure on cost have once again changed the landscape for polyolefins players. Investors in low cost producing regions have been relaxing as their advantage increases as do their expected returns. Naphtha based crackers operators have seen costs rise at a time when the ability to pass through those increases has lessened. This paper will look at what it is that has driven the volatility in energy and what are the impacts for today and in the future.

    • 9:00 amGlobal PE: Where Is It Heading?

      Nick Vafiadis, Vice President, Plastics, IHS Markit

    • 9:25 amGlobal PP Market Outlook

      Kevin Longworth, Associate  Director, Polyolefins, IHS Markit

      The global PP market is forecast to see long term sustained demand growth, and yet apart from China’s push for self-sufficiency, there has been a distinct lack of investments globally to satisfy the new supply requirements. Despite the shale gas revolution in the United States their investments have been mainly focused on the ethylene and derivative markets. The Middle East saw phenomenal PP capacity growth in the decade after the millennium, but with only one new plant slated to start before 2020 there has been a definite slowdown in capacity developments in the region. This begs the obvious question: Why have capacity developments slowed in advantaged feedstock regions? With PP demand steaming ahead what is the outlook for PP prices and margins in the years ahead? In this presentation we focus on the global outlook for PP in the coming years looking at future investments, the ever evolving supply/demand developments and their impact on prices and margins.

    • 9:50 amEuropean Polyolefin 2.0?

      Kaushik Mitra, Director EMEA Polyolefins Market Research, IHS Markit

      A few years back if anyone spoke about investment in new Polyolefin capacities in Europe, it would be considered irrational and even counterintuitive as it was in the midst of a crushing recession, overcapacity and capacity closures. But since last one year we have heard some announcements by leading companies on green or brownfield expansions, so what has changed recently, what is driving such strategies and what are the prospects of these investments materializing? Though market currently is well balanced and robust, future could pose challenge and create opportunity coming from imports, recycling space. However, some fundamental shifts in the industry and fresh strategic perspective of leading companies are leading to re-rating of Europe as investment destination. What are the risks, challenges, opportunities and scenarios underpinning the future investment and what it means for the Polyolefins industry in Europe.

    • 10:15 amQ and A/Panel Discussion

      Moderator: Lyn Tattum, Vice President, IHS Markit

    • 10:30 amNetworking Break
    • Session 2: Global Business Issues and Trends

      Moderator: Nick Vafiadis, Vice President, Plastics, IHS Markit

    • 11:00 amPlastics in the 21st Century: A Global View

      Jim Seward, Chairman, World Plastics Council; Vice President JV and International Business, LyondellBasell

    • 11:25 amPlastics in Europe: Addressing Challenges of a Circular Economy

      Karl Foerster, Executive Director, PlasticsEurope

      This presentation will address the issue of sustainability of the plastics industry in light of environmental sustainability requirements, as well as new policy from Europe to move to 55% recycled content by 2025. How will these changes impact the plastics industry? Where are the specific challenges and opportunities?

    • 11:50 amChina's Ban on Scrap Imports: How Will It Impact Polyolefins?

      Martin Wiesweg, Senior Director PS, EPS & PET, IHS Markit

    • 12:15 pmQ and A/Panel Discussion
    • 12:30 pmNetworking Lunch
    • Session 3: Global Trade and Supply Chain
    • 2:00 pmTrade and Supply Chain Panel: Impact of New Capacity Wave on Global Polymer Trade, Logistics and Distribution

      Moderator: Martin Wiesweg, Senior Director PS, EPS & PET, IHS Markit


      • Sanjay Moolji, Global Director – New Business Development, Tricon Energy Ltd.
      • Marc Mertens, Global Category Lead Plastics, desSter bvba
      • Jürgen Rachor, Senior Expert, Supply Chain Management, McKinsey
    • 2:30 pmPanel discussion/Q and A
    • 2:50 pmNetworking Break
    • Session 4: Additives & Product Modifications

      Moderator: Roger Green, Vice President, Chemical Consulting, IHS Markit

    • 3:20 pmREACH: A Major Driver of Plastic Additives in the EU and Beyond

      Uwe Löchner, Principal Analyst, IHS Markit

    • 3:35 pmStrategic Dialogue: NIAS in Food Packaging


      • Hartmut Siebert, Technical Marketing Manager/Packaging, Clariant Plastics & Coatings AG
      • Sander Koster, Group Leader, Packaging Food Safety, Nestle S.A.
    • 4:20 pmImproving Profitability of Low VOC Grades

      Catherine Malchaire, Technical Sales Manager Europe, Business Unit Polymer Stabilizers, Songwon International AG

      The reduction of Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) for automotive interior compounds has become a major topic with increasingly stringent norms. In response to this trend, resin producers introduced low VOC grades but the profitability of these grades have not met expectations. One way to improve improfitability is to slow down the pelletization step after the polymerization of PP but this raises the cost of the automotive resin. This presentation will outline an alternative route via special additives, which maintains the low VOC grade while allowing faster pelletization.

    • 4:35 pmEnabling Polyolefins Solutions for the Circular Economy

      Andrea Landuzzi, Technology Solutions - Polymer Additives, Global Marketing Director, Solvay

      As announcements of additional polyolefin capacity and images of plastic pollution share the headlines globally, the need for a differentiated and sustainable plastic industry is emerging. The transition from a linear (take-make-dispose) to a circular economy (recover-innovate-reuse) represents a shift to ensure industry sustainability and value creation. This presentation will discuss examples of how purpose-driven product development leveraging high performance stabilizers can enable the polyolefins industry to become more economically and ecologically sustainable.

    • 4:50 pmPurging Volatiles in Polyolefins Processing

      Brian H. Pittenger, Vice President, Jenike & Johanson, Inc.

    • 5:05 pmQ and A/Panel Discussion
    • 5:20 pmDay One Concludes
    • 6:00 pmNetworking Reception

Thursday, 28 June 2018

  • 8:00 am
    • 8:00 amRegistration, Continental Breakfast and Networking
    • 8:30 amWelcome Remarks

      Nick Vafiadis, Vice President, Plastics, IHS Markit

    • Session 5: Sustainability and Recycling Developments

      Moderator: Nick Vafiadis, Vice President, Plastics, IHS Markit

    • 8:35 amRecycling as a Growth Platform

      Jim Seward, Chairman, World Plastics Council; Vice President JV and International Business, LyondellBasell

    • 8:50 amConsumer Packaging Trends and Sustainability

      Izabela Lomacka, Global Procurement Director, Closures, Labels, Shrink Film, The Coca-Cola Company, Cross-Enterprise Procurement Group

    • 9:05 amTurning Waste into Usable Raw Materials

      Enrico Dolce, Product Development & Sales Manager, Fater AHP Recycling Business Unit

    • 9:20 amImpact of the Global Sustainability Agenda on Operations and Processes

      Antonio Bassi, Petrochemicals Product Manager, XSIGHT Division, Saipem

      The current oil and gas business scenario is characterized by the utmost attention to environmental issues, by a constant search for capital expenditure and operating cost reduction and, at the same time, by a continuous search for new products and innovative processes which could better compete in an extremely challenging market and which could make this industry sustainable for the next decades.

      The new Saipem division, XSIGHT, will provide the view of an industry consultant with a strong EPC contractor background, on some of the major areas which, directly or indirectly, affect the petrochemical industry business.

    • 9:35 amTurning Plastic Waste into Building Blocks

      Don Thomson, President, The Center of Regenerative Design and Collaboration

    • 9:50 amShaping the Circular Economy in Polyolefins

      Günter Stephan, Head/Circular Economy, Borealis

    • 10:05 amQ and A/Panel Discussion
    • 10:30 amNetworking Break
    • Session 6: Catalyst and Technology Trends
    • 10:55 amCatalysts and Process Technology: Innovation for Profitable Growth

      Moderator: Just Jansz, Founder and Managing Director, Expertise Beyond Borders BV

      • Maurits van Tol, Senior Vice President, Innovation & Technology, Borealis
      • Martijn Vogelzang, Director - Licensing, SABIC
      • Jochem T.M. Pater, Director, Global Catalyst Technical Management, Technology Business, LyondellBasell
      • Dr. Brian Kimberley, Commercial Director EMEA, Specialty Catalysts, W. R. Grace & Co.
    • 12:00 pmQ and A/Panel Discussion

      Moderator: Just Jansz, Founder and Managing Director, Expertise Beyond Borders BV

    • 12:15 pmNetworking Lunch
    • Session 7: Product and Applications Developments

      Moderator: Kaushik Mitra, Director EMEA Polyolefins Market Research, IHS Markit

    • 1:35 pmA Collaborative Strategy for Delivering Solutions

      Lada Kurelec, Global Business Director Polypropylene Business, Petrochemicals, SABIC

      The mega trends present the world with many challenges, pushing industries to change rapidly to adapt new technological advances, changing consumer needs, volatile raw material prices, new feedstock, and new manufacturing trends. SABIC will outline how innovation and collaboration can help industries to drive forward and by delivering new ideas, new solutions helping respond them to challenges and support circular economy in this competitive landscape.

    • 1:50 pmPE and PP: Despite Differing Outlooks Polyolefins Innovation Thrives

      Maria Ciliberti, Vice President, Marketing and New Business Development, Polyolefins, Borealis

      The PE and PP markets are undergoing significant changes.

      The differing outlooks and dynamics between these two polyolefins will be presented. In spite of a long history of uses for polyolefins, innovation thrives. New solutions based on polyolefins materials for the energy, packaging, consumer products, pipe and automotive industries will be presented highlighting that the future for polyolefins remains bright.

    • 2:05 pm3D Printing in Lightweighting Automotive Components

      Gareth Lamb, Senior Consultant, IHS Markit

    • 2:20 pmQ and A/Panel Discussion
    • 2:35 pmNetworking Break
    • Session 8: Packaging and Markets

      Moderator: Kaushik Mitra, Director EMEA Polyolefins Market Research, IHS Markit

    • 3:05 pmCurrent Trends of Flexible Packaging

      Guido Aufdemkamp, Executive Director, Flexible Packaging Europe

      This presentation will give an introduction into flexible packaging markets and shows how global megatrends impact the markets in Europe and worldwide.

    • 3:20 pm2018÷2030 European Polyolefins and Circular Economy: A Challenging Cohexistence

      Joao Paulo de Sousa, Marketing Intelligence Manager, VERSALIS and Andrea Verazzi, Marketing Manager Polyethylene, VERSALIS

    • 3:35 pmHow the Need for a Circular Economy Influences Packaging and Recycling Technology Development

      Achim Grefenstein, Senior Vice President, Group R&D, Constantia Flexibles Germany GmbH

    • 3:50 pmPackaging Sustainability: Fact Vs Fiction

      Gerald Rebitzer, Sustainability Director, Amcor Flexibles

    • 4:05 pmEthylene Copolymers for Sustainable Packaging

      Karlheinz Hausmann, R&D Fellow, Sustainability Technology Leader ECP, Dow Packaging and Specialty Polymers

      Ethylene Copolymer are mostly copolymers of ethylene with other polar comonomers that can be either reactive or non reactive. These gives new functionalities to polyethylene and provide significant property enhancement. These polymers can be used as modifiers, adhesives, protective surfaces and in many other applications. This contribution will show how these polymers can contribute to sustainable packaging design through lightweighting by redesigning packages but also to make multilayer structures more circular by enhancing their recyclability in mechanical recycling streams. Examples will be given in both cases highlighting the unique, polar and reactive character of these polymers. In addition, we as a specialty ethylene copolymer producers can support customers in our Pack Studios in their developments with these polymers while striving to develop materials meeting the needs of our customers and their markets.

    • 4:20 pmQ and A/Panel Discussion
    • 4:35 pmConference Concludes
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