Jane’s OSINT Methods & Techniques Training - Nov 7-9th

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Three-Day OSINT Methods and Techniques Course by Jane’s

The workshop will provide trainees with an understanding of the uses, limitations, opportunities and risks associated with the exploitation of open source information by demonstrating critical opensource methods and techniques. The workshop will equip analysts and researchers with a comprehensive set of practical skills covering the collection, monitoring, collation and analysis of open source information.

Key learning outcomes:

  • Analyzing and deconstructing intelligence requirements, framing research that can be answered with open source information, and creating valuable open source intelligence products
  • Making the most of open source information research tools to locate, filter and collect information and data more efficiently and effectively
  • Analyzing open source material including written and multimedia content and assessing this content for source credibility, accuracy and potential biases
  • Communicating and disseminating research findings quickly and unambiguously
  • Understanding the potential uses and limitations of social media content
  • Acquiring skills to search social media platforms and using appropriate social media tools for monitoring and analysing open source information.
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