Maritime & Trade Market Intelligence Briefing

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IHS is presenting the IHS Maritime & Trade Market Intelligence Briefing in Milan, Italy on April 20, 2016.

Supply and demand changes geographically just as it does with time. Being able to predict the supply and demand mechanisms of goods, tonnage, equipment or capital, places the best ahead of the other players in the deep sea cargo industry.

IHS Maritime & Trade delivers the binary fundament for the best possible strategies in a changing industry. Join us for an exclusive briefing on what data sets are currently available and how you can use them to outperform in the market place.

If you ask yourself:

  • What kind of market intelligence is available to minimise as much risk as possible?
  • How can I gain new business opportunities in USA?
  • Are there any tools helping me to base my long term business strategy on?
  • How are others using data in their day to day business?

This briefing is for you.

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