Maritime & Trade Market Intelligence Briefing

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IHS is presenting the IHS Maritime and Trade Market Intelligence Briefing in London, UK on February 24, 2016.

Supply and demand changes geographically just as it does with time. Being able to predict the supply and demand mechanisms of goods, tonnage, equipment or capital, places the best ahead of the good players in the deep sea cargo industry.

IHS Maritime & Trade delivers the binary fundament for the best possible strategies in a changing industry. Join us for an exclusive briefing on what data sets are currently available and how you can use them to outperform in the market place.

If you ask yourself:

  • What kind of market intelligence is available to minimise as much risk as possible?
  • How can I gain new business opportunities in the USA?
  • Are there any tools helping me to base my long term business strategy on?
  • How are others using data in their day to day business?

This briefing is for you!

Succeeding in an almost constantly stressed industry requires access to the most actual and most trusted information on global supply and demand dynamics - at any given moment.

Obtaining the most accurate data at every node of the supply chain enables industry leaders to execute decisions with confidence. For instance, retailers can avoid stockpiling inventory by planning on constantly updated economical demand indicators in specific regions, or Ocean Carriers use constantly updated cargo supply data to maximize utilization.

The use of macro and microeconomic data sets can be evolutionary or revolutionary, depending on the goals of an individual organization. However, after the recessionary focus on cost cutting over the last several years, there has been an important shift towards operational excellence and improved risk management mechanics.

In today’s mutually-dependent ecosystem of retailers, manufacturers, traders, financiers and supply chain managers, a common source of market intelligence is removing the constraints of pure betting, hoping and wishful thinking.

Gaining insights on developed or exotic markets allows all involved partners to take coordinated actions that will lead to ultimate success in your operations.

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