Life Science Briefing

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IHS is presenting the Life Science Briefing in Boston, Massachusetts on September 20, 2016.

Global pharmaceutical price optimization

Finding the optimum price strategy when the goalposts keep moving is a perpetual issue for global pharmaceutical operators. Not only are P&R policies and risks around the globe constantly evolving, but the pricing world is increasingly linked through international reference pricing.

Join us on Tuesday 20th September, for a briefing on setting optimal pricing strategies. We will provide an overview of key ongoing P&R risks and trends and then dig into how to optimize pricing strategies in this context. This includes potential innovative tiered pricing strategies and how to defend against international reference pricing.

Key questions we will address:

  • How are P&R risks evolving around the world?
  • How are international reference pricing, joint procurement developments impacting market access?
  • How are disposable incomes impacting tiered pricing strategies around the world?
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