Latin America LPG Seminar

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Please join us for the 20th IHS Annual Latin America LPG Seminar & Workshops in Mexico City, Mexico on September 8-10, 2014

Shale play development has fundamentally changed the outlook for LPG production and trade in the Americas. IHS experts and industry leaders will gather in Mexico to share their perspectives on the future of the Latin American LPG markets.

Key discussion topics:

  • How much LPG from the shale plays in the United States will be produced and exported?
  • Will shale plays in Latin America be a major source of LPG?
  • How much more LPG from the United States can be exported to Latin America?
  • What impact will changes in LPG supply, demand and exports have on LPG prices?


In addition to the conference agenda, you can increase your learning experience by attending our industry workshops. Please see the Workshop tab for details.

For twenty years, The Latin America LPG Seminar & Workshops has been a leading gathering of LPG industry decision makers from around the globe. Join industry peers for an in-depth market analysis and coverage of the most important issues facing the Latin American LPG industry today.

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