IHS Markit Latin America LPG Seminar and Workshops

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Monday, 9am - Guided Tour of Salt Cathedral

IHS is proud to invite you to a guided tour of the Salt Cathedral on Monday, November 9, 2015. When registering for the IHS Latin America LPG Seminar, you have the opportunity to join us for a space -limited bus tour of the Salt Cathedral tour, a 2 hour drive from Bogota.

The Salt Cathedral is a temple built in the interior of Zipaquirá’s salt mines, at the Bogotá Savannah, in the state of Cundinamarca. It is also a religious center and one of the most famous Catholic sanctuaries of the country, which commemorates Jesus Christ’s Stations of the Cross.

Zipaquirá’s Salt Cathedral is considered to be one of the most outstanding architectural and artistic achievements of Colombian architecture, and it was even given the title of modern age architectural jewel. The importance of the Cathedral resides in its value as a cultural, religious and environmental heritage.

The bus will depart from outside of the JW Marriott Hotel promptly at 9am on Monday, November 9. We expect to be back to the hotel at approximately 4pm to enjoy an evening filled with networking opportunities at the LPG Latin America Seminar Welcome Reception to be held at Harry Sasson, a five minute bus journey from the hotel.

Pre-Registration Required.

Full Salt Cathedral Tour Itinerary to follow.

Monday Evening Welcome Reception - Harry Sasson

Harry Sasson has been included in Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants list, located in a beautiful architectural conservatory house in the El Nogal district. An English court house in which classical and modern live in perfect harmony.

Harry Sasson is a five minute bus journey from the JW Marriott Hotel. The event is complimentary for delegates but does require pre-regsitration.

Tuesday Evening Network Dinner - The Gold Museum

We invite you to join us for Dinner at the Gold Museum in the heart of Bogota. Buses will depart outside of the JW Marriott hotel.

On arrival at the Gold Museum we will be treated to a guided tour before being seated for our Networking dinner in the restaurant.

Complimentary but registration is required. This event is all evening with transportation to and from the venue.

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