Jane’s DSEI Briefing - Future missions, threats, capabilities

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An unsettled world of shifting and evolving social, political, and economic environments is giving rise to new actual and potential threats that security organisations must detect, understand, and counter.

Join us for a highly informative briefing by senior Jane’s analysts who will offer insights into future threats, missions and capabilities.

This Jane's Briefing will address:

After the Islamic State: Emerging terrorism threats in the West

  • The Islamic State’s ability to continue to inspire attacks as a ‘virtual caliphate’
  • Al-Qaeda’s global resurgence as the Islamic State’s fortunes decline
  • The potential emergence of new groups or an Al-Qaeda/Islamic State hybrid, driven by the impending deaths of senior leaders and the subsequent easing of ideological fissures
  • The evolving tactics, weapons, and strategies being adopted by Islamist militant groups

North Korea’s nuclear and ballistic missile threats

Geospatial OSINT supporting situational awareness

How analytics, machine learning and services are driving changes in intelligence exploitation

Top future and current defence technology and capabilities

  • Air platforms
  • Land platforms
  • Naval platforms
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