Jane’s ATC Awards 2018

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Airspace is becoming increasingly crowded as air travel demand grows worldwide: this has major implications not only for airport infrastructure but also for ATM, as service providers and their partners in industry work out how to handle increased flight volumes. At the same time, the ATM community is also driving many of the environmental efficiency measures in the air transport sector, delivering benefits to airlines and other airspace users.

As SESAR in Europe, NextGen in the United States and numerous other ATM modernisation programmes deliver new processes and technologies, it is never more relevant to recognise progress towards a seamless, automated, and green future - and the Jane’s ATC Awards are the only platform to highlight these achievements to a global audience.

At a time of increasing air traffic, it is more important than ever to highlight work to improve safety, capacity, efficiency, and environmental performance – so we are delighted to offer you the opportunity to nominate innovative, field-proven technologies and projects.

Entries are free of charge and open to organisations in all areas of the global ATC industry, be they national air navigation service providers, large-scale industry partnerships, or new entrants to the sector.

You can nominate your own organisation/company or a third party. Nominations are limited to one per organisation, although you can be named as a partner in other entries.

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