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International LPG Seminar & Workshops 2018

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Tuesday, 10 April 2018

  • 8:00 am
    • 8:00 amFull Day Workshop: Fundamentals of LPG Markets

      The course is designed for anyone requiring a thorough overview of the global markets and infrastructure for liquid petroleum gases. Course attendees have diverse backgrounds, but typical participants include business development managers for midstream companies, natural gas liquids traders and shippers, high-level managers assuming commercial responsibility for natural gas liquids, project managers for NGL infrastructure projects, business analysts for petrochemical, petroleum and natural gas companies, and new professionals entering the NGL industry.

      Instructors: Walt Hart, Ph.D., Vice President, NGL Research & Consulting, IHS Markit and Bill Rawluysk, Senior Director, North American NGL Markets, IHS Markit

    • 8:00 amFull-Day Workshop: Petrochemical Industry Fundamentals

      This workshop reviews key industry fundamentals starting with the foundation of the petrochemical industry – feedstocks, including natural gas, natural gas liquids (NGLs), crude oil fractions, especially naphtha, coal and renewables. The feedstock session then leads into a thorough discussion of the industry building blocks – olefins (ethylene, propylene, butadiene) and aromatics (benzene, toluene, xylenes) businesses. Finally, the large volume thermoplastics including the polyethylenes (LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE), polypropylene, PVC, polystyrene and polyester/PET as well as C1-based chemicals synthesis gas (syngas), ammonia and methanol are covered. Within each of these topics key suppliers, demand profiles and pricing is discussed. Especially important for industry newcomers is that our instructors will clarify the technical jargon commonly used in the petrochemical industry.

      Instructors: Chris Geisler, Vice President, Chemical Consulting, IHS Markit and Pat McSpadden, Managing Director, Chemical Consulting, IHS Markit

    • 8:00 amHalf-Day Workshop: Basics of Waterborne LPG Shipping

      US LPG exports are increasing, thus giving cause for additional LPG carriers, and changing the established trade routes. Meanwhile, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean output is also on the rise, causing a shift in the global trade balances. Market participants have an increasing need to understand the logistics and dynamics of the changes that are rapidly occurring. For example, Will there be a sufficient number of vessels? Will there be too many? Will terminal capacity become a hindrance to global trade? How will freight costs be affected?

      Who is it for?

      This course is designed for those with an interest in learning the basic principles and mechanics behind the overwater LPG shipping market. While the course is not intended to teach attendees how to trade LPG, it will cover overwater imports, exports and trade flows, including ship-tracking systems. Information critical to understand waterborne LPG shipping will be covered, including specification issues, industry-specific vernacular, industry participants and their respective roles and other components. The workshop will also cover basic LPG ship design, dimensions, characteristics and costs, freight factors, costs and drivers, as well as terminal development. As a bonus, the development of the overwater ethane trade will be covered, including the interface with the global LPG markets.

      Instructors: Scott Gray, Senior Director, Waterborne, IHS Markit and Will Holeman, Senior Consultant, Oil Markets and Downstream, IHS Markit

    • 1:00 pmHalf-Day Workshop: NGL Price Drivers

      With surplus Natural Gas Liquids (NGLs) in the US and global trade flows changing, there is intense interest in the impacts of these trends on NGL prices in the US and around the world. While not intended to teach how to trade NGLs, this course will discuss what factors influence NGL prices in global markets and why there are regional price differences. We will show how NGL prices compare with other energy and petrochemical prices, and how the various NGL prices differ among each other. We will discuss the importance of supply, demand and inventories, including the effects of seasonality as well as the extent to which the byproduct nature of NGLs and the various NGL end uses influence pricing. Some other topics include competition, substitution, freight and arbitrage and market sentiment.

      Who is it for?

      This course will benefit anyone who wants a better understanding of NGL price trends, such as business and financial analysts, traders, commercial managers, petrochemicals producers, LPG retailers and refiners.

      Instructors: Debnil Chowdhury, Director, North America NGLs Research & Consulting, IHS Markit and Keefer Douglas, Director, Natural Gas Liquids Research and Consulting, IHS Markit

    • 6:00 pmWelcome Reception

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

  • 7:30 am
    • 7:30 amRegistration and Breakfast
    • 8:30 amWelcome Address

      Walt Hart, Ph.D., Vice President, NGL Research & Consulting, IHS Markit

    • Session I: Global LPG Market Drivers
    • 8:40 amKeynote

      Macgill James, Vice President, Supply Strategy, UGI Corp

    • 9:00 amExpectation for the Global Crude Oil Markets & the Economy

      Kurt Barrow, Vice President, Oil Markets, Midstream and Downstream Insights, IHS Markit

    • 9:20 amHot Issues in the Global NGL Market

      Walt Hart, Ph.D., Vice President, NGL Research & Consulting, IHS Markit

    • 9:40 amDelivering Mont Belvieu NGLs to The World: The Texas Ports of the Golden Triangle

      David Marchese, CEO, Caliche

    • 10:00 amNetworking Break
    • 10:30 amLPG for Backup Power Generation in Chile

      Julio Bertrand Planella, General Manager, Gasco

      The main purpose of this presentation is to show the use of LPG in Gas Fired Plant as a “complementor” to power generation coming from renewable energies like Solar Plants and Wind Farms, mitigating the intermittency effects with its subsequent energy cost rise in the electrical grid provokes by the dispatch of diesel engine to fulfill this renewable plants lack of energy supply.

    • 10:50 amLPG Outlook for Japan

      Yusaku Ishii, Astomos

    • 11:10 amEast Europe and Russian Markets

      Marcin Zawisza, Vice President, Gas and Energy, Unimot S.A.

    • 11:30 amPanel Discussion

      Moderator: Bill Rawlusyk, Director Consulting, IHS Markit

    • 12:00 pmNetworking Lunch featuring Strategic Dialogues
    • Session II: LPG Market Dynamics & Trends
    • 1:30 pmTrends in Waterborne LPG Trade

      Scott Gray, Senior Director, Waterborne, IHS Markit

    • 1:50 pmEIA's Evolving Coverage of the HGL Market

      Warren Wilczewski, Industry Economist Office of Petroleum, Natural Gas & Biofuels Analysis, US EIA

      Since introducing the concept of HGL (hydrocarbon gas liquids), EIA has generated a number of new datasets to complement the newly-defined product categories, including PADD-level rail movements and new supply/disposition tables. Mr. Wilczewski will provide a summary of these changes, as well as a view into what’s coming up next: better short- and long-term forecasts and improved consumption data.

    • 2:10 pmOutlook for the Global Autogas Market

      Alison Abbott, Communications Director, WLPGA

    • 2:30 pmVLGCs

      Christian Andersen, President, Avance Gas

    • 2:50 pmNetworking Break
    • 3:30 pmKorean LPG Market

      Thomas Kim, Manager of Origination, SK Gas Trading

    • 3:50 pmFuture Development of the North Sea & Implications for NGL Supply

      Fredrik Walmsnæss, LPG Trading Manager, Statoil

    • 4:10 pmLPG Market in Mexico

      Octavio Pérez, General Director, Amexgas

    • 4:30 pmUS Outlook

      Joe Fasullo, Manager of International NGLs, Enterprise Products Partners

    • 4:50 pmPanel Discussion

      Moderator: Adrian Calcaneo, Senior Consultant & Latin America Lead, Midstream Oil & NGL, IHS Markit

    • 5:30 pmNetworking Reception

Thursday, 12 April 2018

  • 8:00 am
    • 8:00 amRegistration and Breakfast
    • 8:30 amWelcome Address

      Walt Hart, Ph.D., Vice President, NGL Research & Consulting, IHS Markit

    • Session III: Global Feedstocks
    • 8:40 amImporting Ethane and LPGs to European Chemical Sector

      Hugh Carmichael, Director Feedstocks, Trading and Shipping, Ineos

    • 9:00 amPetrochemicals Looking Back to NGLs

      Steve Lewandowski, Vice President, Olefins, IHS Markit

      With dropping crude oil price forecast both from lower production costs and changes in fuels demand/mix, alternative petrochemical feeds, advantaged from low priced coal and natural gas relative to crude oil, are not offering the investment returns of the recent past. The industry needs the olefins (ethylene and propylene) as the global economy continues in a strong growth pattern. So it’s back to NGL’s for on purpose propylene which shifts the slate into steam crackers.

    • 9:20 amSmall Ships, Ethane & Ethylene

      Oeyvind Lindeman, Chief Commercial Officer, Navigator Gas

    • 9:40 amNGL Feedstock Markets in CIS

      Alexey Markov, Sales Executive, Hydrocarbon Feedstock, SIBUR International GmbH

    • 10:00 amNetworking Break
    • 10:30 amThe Chinese LPG Market

      Tony Liang, Head of Procurement, Wanhua Chemical

    • 10:50 amGlobal Naphtha Markets

      Nick Rados, Executive Director, Chemical Feedstocks, IHS Markit

    • 11:10 amDisruptive Technologies Challenging NGL and Naphtha as Dominant Petrochemical Feedstocks

      R.J. Chang, Vice President and Executive Director, Process Economics Program, Oil, Mid-Downstream and Chemical, IHS Markit

    • 11:30 amPanel Discussion

      Moderator: Mark Eramo, Vice President, Global Business Development, Oil, Mid-Downstream and Chemical, IHS Markit

    • 12:00 pmLunch: IHS Markit will host two lunches

      Special Event: Women in LPG Luncheon

      Keynote Speaker: Angela John, Director Natural Gas Liquids Structured Products, BP Marketing & Trading

      Join professional women in the LPG industry for networking and a special question and answer session on trends and issues in the current market.

      Networking Lunch

    • Session IV: LPG Trade & Pricing
    • 1:30 pmRoundtable Discussion: The Evolution of Trade Dynamics in the Global LPG Markets

      Moderator: Scott Gray, Senior Director, Waterborne, IHS Markit

      • Deacon Shorr, President, Libra Fearnley Energy
      • Carlos Ruiz, Product Manager, Grupo Tomza
      • Ralf Luther, Senior Trader, Carib LPG Trading Ltd.
      • Jason Alford, Director North American Physical NGL and Naphtha, Mercuria
    • 3:00 pmNetworking Break
    • 3:30 pmFreight Rate Direction, LPG as Bunker Fuel and Upcoming Sulfur Regulations

      Tomonao Iwasaki, Manager, LPG/CPP/Chemical Team, Tanker Group, NYK Line

    • 3:50 pmLPG Terminal on the West Coast in North America

      Joel Zaleschuk, Senior Manager, Market Development – Marketing & New Ventures Division, Pembina Pipeline Corporation

    • 4:10 pmLPG for Power Generation

      Michael F. Farina, Director, Market Development, GE International Global Gas to Power

    • 4:30 pmInternational LPG Pricing Trends

      Debnil Chowdhury, Director, North America NGLs Research & Consulting, IHS Markit

    • 4:50 pmPanel Discussion

      Moderator: Keefer Douglas, Director, Natural Gas Liquids Research and Consulting, IHS Markit

    • 5:10 pmClosing

      Walt Hart, Ph.D., Vice President, NGL Research & Consulting, IHS Markit

Friday, 13 April 2018

  • 8:00 am
    • 8:00 amOffsite Tour & Networking Activity: Enterprise PDH Unit & Karbach Brewing Company

      Joins us for a tour of the new Enterprise PDH unit in Mont Belvieu followed by lunch and networking at Karbach Brewing Company

      Included with conference price prior to Early Bird Deadline of 23 February 2018; $25 USD register after Early Bird Deadline.

      More details to be announced.

** Agenda subject to change
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