Energy Seminar – The Great Oil Deflation

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IHS Markit is presenting the Energy Seminar – The Great Oil Deflation in Tokyo, Japan on March 10, 2015.

The rapid decline in oil prices has raised critical questions about the energy industry's future direction as well as the immediate impact on Asian demand, supply and Japanese company strategies. How will your organization adapt? During the last few years the supply boom was fueled by US shale—in addition to long-term investments in other areas, including Canada, Brazil and the Gulf of Mexico. As supply outgrew demand last year due to the slowing global economy, the market reached a tipping point, and prices plunged. With OPEC opting not to balance the market, it effectively initiated an epic market share battle. Join us for the half day to gain insights into who the winners and losers will be, what to expect for the short term as well as to understand longer-term implications, and ultimately to help you develop strategic action plans to sustain your business growth and returns.

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