The Future of Digital Media Distribution 2015

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The Future of Digital Media Distribution is the leading industry conference and networking event for those working in digital media.

The Future of Digital Media Distribution 2015 will dive into the deep-end of modern technological innovation.

IHS will highlight and examine how media, beyond the traditional, is becoming mainstream; and what this new landscape means for traditional media companies.

Join IHS industry analysts, along with senior executives from media companies including; YouTube, Twitch, Maker Studios to learn about the rise of things beyond traditional entertainment that are becoming mainstream and hear about how changing consumption patterns and new forms of monetization are affecting contemporary media business strategies.

Informative panel sessions and presentations will focus on:

  • The growing array of connected devices.
  • Where is the money being made and in what way?
  • What consumers want and who is now making their favorite content?
  • What MultiChannel Network (MCN) acquisitions mean for the industry?
  • Are studios and broadcasters maximizing the YouTube phenomenon?
  • Why media owners should be thinking about programmatic trading of advertising inventory in how they structure their data strategies?
  • What are investors looking for in new media start-ups, and how should new businesses be capitalizing on the return to growth in the economy?
  • How important are games to the online video industry?
  • Synergies between the games and online video sector – we will have a specific, exciting panel session examining the explosion of games-related online video content on platforms such as YouTube, and the role of online video platforms in driving the burgeoning eSports market.
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