Financial Seminar - Beijing

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IHS is presenting the IHS Financial Seminar in Beijing, China on April 21, 2016.


欢迎参加我们2016年4月21日在中国北京召开的IHS金融研讨会“增长之路 -- 应对中国的产能过剩:五年展望”,与业界一流专家交流,帮助您和您的企业更好规避风险、抓住机遇。

China’s rise as a regional and global power and its moderating growth are indisputable, but both remain the subject of intense debate. What exactly is happening within the Chinese economy and what are the resulting investment opportunities as China shift gears?

Join our award-winning experts at the IHS Financial Seminar “The Road to Growth - Dealing with China’s Overcapacity: A Five-Year Outlook” in Beijing, China on April 21, 2016 to help you and your organisations to better navigate risks and seize opportunities.

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