Financial Seminar - Beijing

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Thursday, Apr 21, 2016

    • 8:30 am登记注册 | Registration
    • 9:00 am致欢迎辞 | Welcome Remarks

      Ashraf Safdar, Director, IHS Economics & Country Risk

    • 9:10 am中国经济转型:辨别真伪 | China’s Economic Transition: Separating Fact from Fiction

      Brian Jackson, Senior Economist, IHS Economics & Country Risk



      Markets are increasingly bearish on China’s domestic economy, which is already several years into a critical transition. Unfortunately, critical components of the transition are often misunderstood. What is the timing and impact of key economic reform initiatives? Are expectations of One Belt, One Road driven-demand realistic? What do China’s 2016 Work Report and 13th Five Year Plan tell us about the economic trends that lie ahead?


    • 10:00 am中国新的能源的现实:供大于求成为改革催化剂 | China’s New Energy Reality: Oversupply as Catalyst for Reforms

      Xizhou Zhou, Senior Director, Asia Gas & Power, IHS Energy



      China’s energy demand has slowed or stalled across nearly all commodities, with major repercussions for domestic and international players as oil, gas, and coal prices fell dramatically. One bright spot to have emerged from the turmoil is that this difficult period of oversupply is proving to be a catalyst for market reforms. Low fuel prices have reduced the risk of spikes from tentative moves toward more market-based pricing, and highlighted opportunities for the energy sector to become more open and competitive.


    • 10:50 am茶歇 | Coffee Break
    • 11:05 am化工行业新常态 | The Chemical Sector’s New Normal

      Paul Pang, Vice President and Managing Director of China, IHS Chemical



      How significantly have business conditions changed against the backdrop of slower economic growth and low oil prices? How will the industry deal with excess capacities? Will industry consolidation (M&A) happen, and if so, when? And finally, what is the impact of recent accidents on the sector’s credibility and profitability, both domestically and internationally?


    • 11:55 am亚洲的行业机遇 | Sectoral Opportunities across Asia

      Jim Diffley, Senior Director, IHS Economics



      Markets across Asia will be greatly affected by China’s economic transition. Which industries, and which countries, will be able to capitalise on expanding opportunities going forward? Where are the winners and losers as China projects outward?


    • 12:45 pm结束语 | Closing Remarks

      Ashraf Safdar, Director, IHS Economics and Country Risk

    • 12:50 pm交流午宴 | Networking Lunch
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