Country Risk Breakfast Briefing

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Growth Opportunities and Emerging Security Threats:
The Outlook for Latin America and Africa
As we all gather in Washington, DC for the annual OSAC conference, we invite you to join us on 17 November, at the IHS Washington, DC office, for a breakfast briefing on growth opportunities and emerging threats in Latin America and Africa.

What are the key global drivers of political and violent risk in emerging markets and the implications for business operations, security and investment strategies? There are a range of emergent geopolitical developments that have the potential to shock and shape global markets and supply chains. We will forecast the outlook for some of these risks, including:

  • Drug cartel violence in Mexico and its impact on business operations, property damage, oil sector assets, cargo transport and supply chains.  Will the run-up to the 2018 presidential election exacerbate the current situation?
  • Political outlook in Argentina following October’s presidential elections
  • Political, civil unrest and security related risks in Brazil in light of current unstable  political environment – attempts to impeach Rousseff and the full impact of the Lava Jato scandal 
  • Islamic State advances into sub-Saharan Africa: Impact on militant capability and target selection in the region
  • Rise of social movements: Implications for intensity of unrest around elections in key countries
  • Energy prices as an input or driver of above ground risk – how could the upcoming OPEC meeting affect the economic interests of Latin American and African producers? Will the December 4 meeting agree to maintain current production levels? How can Latin America and African producers affect the outcome? 
8:00 am – 8:30 am               Registration and breakfast
8:30 am – 10:00 am             Briefing and Question and Answer 

  • Carlos Cardenas, Principal Analyst and Deputy Head of  Latin America,  IHS Country Risk 
  • Natznet Tesfay, Senior Manager, Sub-Saharan Africa, IHS Country Risk
  • Jamie Webster, Senior Director, IHS Energy
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